Who is Thor Halvorssen?

Thor Halvorssen is an University of Pennsylvania graduate who advocates for human rights. He is also the founder and CEO of the Oslo Freedom Forum, and the founder of the New York’s Human Rights Foundation. There are numerous circumstances that led to Halvorssen’s choice to be a voice for human rights. His parents, Hilda Mendoza […]

Labaton Sucharow’s Clients Receive a motivating award from the SEC

The Securities and Exchange Commission formed laws that are devoted to offering protection to whistleblowers who offer to give it information of the fraudulent undertakings of different companies that are in the financial sector. These regulations were created in 2010 after the U.S Congress passed two significant acts, which are the Dodd-Frank Act of Wall […]

SEC Awards A Whistleblower With $17 Million

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has awarded a client represented by Labaton Sucharow with the second largest amount ever to be given to an SEC whistleblower. This information became public in June this year when a whistleblower, represented by SEC whistleblower lawyer, Jordan Thomas, was awarded more than $17 million. For the past 6 years […]

Learning Kabbalah Philosophy at the Kabbalah Centre

Kabbalah is a well known religious philosophy that began within Judaism. However, members of other religious faiths currently follow the philosophy. In fact, there are followers of Kabbalah in all three Abrahamic religions. The philosophy covers a wide range of subjects. While it offers recommendations on how to live a spiritual life on Earth, Kabbalah […]

Interest in Brazil’s Real Estate Market Shoots Up

  Every cloud has a silver lining. Brazil is reaping the benefits of low real estate prices as global investors flock to its market for business. They have made a beeline for Brazil’s capital-studded markets to strike deals with construction companies developing building real estates in the Latin America’s biggest economy. Irony The increasing interest […]

VTA Publications and Their CEO Jim Hunt Plan to Lead the War Against Big Banks

  Jim Hunt is a very skilled financial advisor who is know for helping the average Joe fight back against the unfairness of big banks. He gained a lot of notoriety when he claimed he could make his mum a millionaire, tax free, in a video on his YouTube channel in just ten steps using […]

How Cone Marshall Adheres to New Zealand’s Tax Transparency Policy

Cone Marshall is an established tax, estate, and trust international law firm situated in Auckland, New Zealand with its principals being Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall. Geoffrey Cone is renowned for providing trust management, international trust, and tax planning services for over three decades. An article this year acknowledged him as an acclaimed tax lawyer in […]

High Ranking WIT is Changing the World one Conference at a Time

The Wessex Institute of Technology or WIT as it is commonly referred to in the collegiate and research community, is a high ranking university known for its international conferences. The school is located in Southern England at Ashurst Lodge in New Forest National Park. They are ranked 154th in the United Kingdom and 799th in […]

Why Independent and Remote Workers Prefer a Shared Office Space

More companies are outsourcing jobs to people who work from home. These home-based employees have now joined the ranks of independent contractors who typically work alone. Recent studies have shown the home atmosphere is not as conducive to productivity as a shared office space. The professional atmosphere found in co-working spaces give workers a better […]

ClassDojo Revitalizes the Classroom

The classroom can get a little stagnant, but technology can improve everything. This is why teachers are putting smart boards in the classroom. This is also the reason why there are so many apps that are geared towards education. ClassDojo is the type of app that has managed to give a lot of people a […]

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