Thor Halverssen, Head of the Human Rights Foundation, Warns of its Dangers

Thor Halverssen, head of the Human Rights foundation may have donated to Bernie Sanders, but he does not believe that socialism offers the answers to America’s current economic woes. He appeared on the Fox Business Network show The Intelligence Report in early March to explain his position.


Halversson, the founder of the Human Rights Foundation, developed his position on socialism after watching his cousins suffer under the rule of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Two of his relatives currently reside in one of the country’s prisons for speaking out against the Chavez administration.


Chavez came to power over the objections of the United States government in the early twenty-first century. Halvorssen used Venezuela as an example of how a despotic dictator could come to power by using the principles of socialism. The HRF head warned that when such people come into power, they often implement oppressive policies and forget the promises they made to the people.


Neither Trish Regan, host of the program, nor the Human Rights Foundation head discussed if socialism was good for America. The host tried to define the term briefly, but she was interrupted by Halvorssen reminding her that many Northern European countries have socialist governments and have had them for decades. The key to successful socialist governments is to have a long history of stable, democratic governments.


Venezuela may soon suffer from the policies of its governments. The country suffers from hyperinflation and the rate is over 700% at the moment. Few Latin American governments have survived when their countries inflation reaches the four digit numbers.

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Brad Reifler Shares Investment Wisdom

Reuters conveyed some of the top investment advice offered up by Brad Reifler in his quest to make investment and wealth management accessible to all people. The article on Reifler’s investment advice from Twitter essentially warns readers that investing smartly does not mean just putting your pot of money where someone tells you. Rather, Reifler contends that all investors should be aware of where there money is going and just how much risk is associated with that choice. Although it is not often the case that average investors have an in-depth understanding of where their money is going, Reifler says this is an important step in gaining financial freedom and managing risk associated with investing.

Reifler has decades of experience in making smart investment decisions. When he first struck it out on his own as an investment adviser and wealth manager in 1982, he took the first step in becoming a multi-faceted investing force. Today, that means that Reifler is the owner, founder and CEO of Forefront Capital, which is a constant leader in the global investment scene. Before his current professional success, Reifler founded and flourished at Pali Capital. During his tenure there, the company experienced incredible growth and success. From there, he launched Forefront Capital in 2009.

Reifler’s investment vision is slightly different than some of his peers, and his investment advice echoes that. Rather than only making serious investment opportunities to the upper class, Reifler wants to see the average person be able to gain financial freedom through investing. For Reifler, this means focusing on individuals who make less than $200,000 in salary each year or have a net worth of less than $1 million. As a true pioneer in this field, Reifler has visions of pooling average people and their investments into a common fund with lower risk but the potential of great reward.

One of New York’s Finest: Sam Tabar

New York is a city well known for producing plenty of lawyers and financial experts. The excellence of Wall Street and the various law firms of the city often come to mind when conversations. Even among the greatest, there are those who stand out and come out on top. Sam Tabar is among those great, noted attorneys and capital strategists to be found in New York City. Fluent in 3 languages, he speaks English, French, and Japanese very well.

Beginning his career as an Associate at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom before deciding he was going to take a turn at pursuits in business and capital strategy. After serving as Managing Director of Business Development at SPARX Group Co. , Tabar joined Bank of America Merrill Lynch as its Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific Region. After this foray, Tabar later made the decision to return to the practice of law and joined Schulte Roth & Zabel as a Senior Associate focusing on hedge fund investments. Still in this position, he stands tall among New York’s lawyers and financial specialists.

As a graduate of prestigious schools such as Oxford and Columbia, Sam Tabar is a force to be reckoned with. He serves the needs of those who need legal services in finance. If you’re writing up a will, he’s just the kind of lawyer to help you work out all of the details. Writing a will can be a challenging task if you try it without the help of a professional finance lawyer to stand up and fight for you. A millennial at his peak, Sam Tabar is already an experienced lawyer in finance. He has worked at numerous law firms and has accumulated much experience in financial law. If you need the assistance of a financial lawyer, Sam Tabar is just right for you, and he can be contacted through his website.

Handy Makes Cleaning Easier Regardless of Where You Live

Handy cleaning services really saves the day on a lot of different occasions. When there are people that are in need of cleaning services they really depend on Handy contractors to put their best foot forward. These are workers that do their very best to get home spotless quickly. I have seen the type of work that they do firsthand and I will be the first to say that this is the company that you can trust. Booking services online is rather easy.

The contractors for Handy do a professional job, and they show up on time. They get the job done quickly and they do their jobs with a smile.

When it comes the spring cleaning there is no one better than Handy in my opinion. This company has made it possible for people to rearrange their homes and utilize time of a lot more effectively. I have used this company for my spring cleaning needs for several years in a row, and I have found that there cleaning seems to get better by the year. I am loyal to this company even though I live in a metropolitan area where there are an abundant amount of maid services available. I moved from Canada to the United States, and I always used Handy when I lived in Toronto.

When I moved to Atlanta, it seemed only natural for me to utilize Handy because I had such a good experience with this company when I was living in Toronto. The employees maybe different, but the company and the company mission is still the same. That is what I like about . Regardless of where you go, this company has employees and in place that all go by the same mission. The company has made cleaning so simple. It is affordable, and I am pleased with the services each time.

It is certainly going to be much easier to get someone like Handy in for cleaning because they have multiple workers. It is like having your very own team of cleaning professionals at your disposal. All that you have to do is call.

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John Goullet: A Once in a Lifetime Leader

The word leader is tossed around a lot these days, but what does it really mean? What is a leader? In my view, it is someone that is not afraid to make difficult decisions, someone that stands out in the crowd, and someone that commands your respect and attention. They don’t have to earn your respect. You simply meet them, shake their hand, get to know them, and they get it. That is most certainly the case with John Goullet, an entrepreneur who has been in charge of the development of numerous highly profitable ventures in the IT sector. He has taken the bull by the horns, so to speak, and stood out in the best possible way.

His career began as an IT consultant and then he went to IT staffing in 1994. From there, with his eye on the prize and his pulse on the market, John founded Info Technologies, an IT staffing company that helps find positive and effective solutions to Fortune 500 companies nationwide. That’s the thing about John. He’s always looking ahead and he’s never comfortable just standing still.

It only took five years for his company to to grow to $30 million. Do you know what that tells me? It tells me that John is someone that gets results quickly. When he sets his mind to something, nothing or no one will stand in his way until he gets results. That is why someone like him is a leader and someone that we should all look up to, both as a person and in his line of work. Nothing came easy to him and nothing was handed to him. He earned it with good old fashioned hard-work, blood, sweat, and tears. He has put his everything into this and then some.

When you have someone with that type of work ethic and that type of skill, it’s hard not to be successful. John also loves helping out others and lending a hand when he sees that someone is in need. He is always looking out for the future. For John, the future is shining very bright.

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Greyhound Travels By Doug Levitt Produces Opportunity to Portray Americans Real Life Struggles in “The Greyhound Diaries”

The Greyhound Diaries are an exceptional collection of real peoples stories, and now is your chance to learn how this project was created. Singer and song writer Doug Levitt decided to take a chance on giving up his career as a foreign news correspondent based in London, and changed his career to singer-songwriter before returning to the United States. With his return home he felt the need to become an artist and he believed that by traveling the United States by riding a Greyhound bus was the perfect way for him to get what he was looking for to produce something creative that the world could hear and see how these people struggle just to get by every day.

Doug Levitt was born in 1972, and the youngest child of David and Carol Schwartz. Being raised in Washington DC, Doug attended the public schools and graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School. He then went on to attend Cornell University, and later moved on to London School of Economics where he earned his Masters Degree in International Relations when he received a Fulbright Scholarship. Doug then became a Foreign Correspondent reporting for such entities as NBC, ABC, among others.

The Greyhound Diaries consist of songs, pictures, and stories Doug Levitt collected along the some 100,000 miles he’s traveled over the past decade or so. The collection has been made into 2 EP albums, a book, and a website. Doug was no different from many of the people he met as he was a struggling new artist just trying to find his way. As he tried to get people to open up and talk to him about their lives and hardships they face, He found that it made it easier for the citizens of the communities he visited to share if he also talked about himself. This proved to also be helpful to Doug as he realized that by sharing the story of finding his father who committed suicide it let him come to understand it.

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Fred Koch’s Letter Still Guides The Life Of Charles Koch

The respect and love business leader Charles Koch retains for his father, Fred, has been revealed in a interview with ABC News in which the Chairman of Koch Industries revealed he keeps a framed letter from his father on his office wall. The letter was written by Fred Koch in 1936, soon after the birth of his soon and explains how Fred hoped his children will live their lives; not only does Fred Koch give his views on life and business, but he explains the fears he has over the large trust funds his children will inherit when they turn 21.

The Wichita, Kansas born business leader Charles Koch still lives in his home city and looks to use his charitable foundations to aid the people of the state he was born in. The Koch Cultural Trust looks to keep the arts alive in Kansas with a reported $1.7 million given to artists and groups based in the state; Charles Koch has also made sure Wichita State University has benefited from the continued success of Koch Industries with donations made to various education and athletics departments within the college.

An area of great concern for Fred Koch has been revealed by Charles as that of how his children would cope with the large sums of money they would receive over the course of their lives; Charles Koch explains his father feared his children would simply wish to spend their time enjoying their wealth and live a country club style lifestyle. To avoid this happening Fred penned the letter to his children and explained how he believed a strong work ethic would be important in avoiding his own success becoming a problem for his children. This work ethic saw Charles Koch given household tasks including pulling weeds in the garden from a young age in a bid to make sure he understood the need for hard work to play an important role in his life.

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James Dondero Shares Investment Plans

A recent article by Bloomberg featured the current status of Argentina’s debt and the plans by an expert in the area of credit markets to buy up a substantial amount of the country’s mounting debt. As the co-founder and current president of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero oversees the company’s estimated $19 billion in assets under management. These assets include credit hedge funds as well as emerging market credit funds.

Dondero explained his current investment strategy in Argentina’s bonds. While Highland Capital Management remains the holder of the largest amount of Argentina’s $4 billion in debt due in 2033, it also plans to buy up a significant amount of additional notes from Argentina. In explaining his decision to have his firm continue to buy debt from Argentina, Dondero said that they take a generally positive view on how they think Argentina will price the debt and its ability to generate significant economic growth in the coming years. Along those lines, Dondero said that other distressed investors in Argentina’s previous bond offerings are also hanging around and will likely re-invest in the next round of Argentina’s debt offerings.

Since Dondero first launched Highland Capital Management in 1993, the firm has flourished in the area of collateralized loan obligation markets. With over three decades of experience in credit and equity markets, Dondero has been a strong leader in expanding Highland Capital Management into the areas of high-yield and distressed investing on a truly global scale.

Before Dondero founded Highland Capital Management, he served as a chief investment officer of Protective Life and was instrumental during his tenure in building out the GIC subsidiary of the company to managing over $2 billion in total assets from the period of 1989 to 1993. Prior to that impressive professional achievement, Dondero worked as a corporate bond analyst and portfolio manager at American Express. In addition, Dondero currently maintains certifications as a Certified Management Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst. In light of Dondero’s wide range of experience in the finance industry and the many hats he has worn at very prestigious firms, it should come as no surprise that Highland Capital Management continues to thrive under his leadership and is positioned to remain a leader in the field for many years to come.

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Keith Mann Searches for New Generation of Leaders with a Scholarship Fund to Brooklyn Schools

Keith Mann is the Co-Founder and managing director of Dynamic Search Partners. The company specializes in hedge funds and alternative investments. It majors in providing alternative staff needs and executive search services for major equity firms. The company was founded in 2001, to help fill more than 2,000 client mandates. Apart from staffing and recruitment investment positions, the company is known and respected as one of the largest database investment executives in the country. Keith has risen through the ranks of his career with Dynamic Associates from Alternative Investments Division where he began and to the current position of Vice President of the company.

During an interview with Claudette, Mann said that he focused his attention on the most important things in life after completing his education. His experience in the slaughterhouse was something Mann never thought about and something that took away his desire for meat and all manners of animal abuse. He, therefore, dedicated his life to fighting for animal rights. According to him, the experience he saw about animal abuse changed his life.

Keith Mann recently announced the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. This award was designed to find the innovative leaders in the society to work in the Hedge Fund industries. During the recent announcement, the couple expressed their gratitude towards Uncommon Schools, which is a non-profit charter management organization that is located in Brooklyn, New York. This scholarship opportunity will be available to one graduating senior student at one of the Uncommon Schools.

The applicants will have to write a 1,000-word essay to show their future ambitions with the college degree. Mann expressed his excitement and desire to support during the announcement and said that the goal was to prepare low-income students not only to attend the program and graduate but also go on the right path to succeed professionally using their degree.

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