Linda Owen is the New Head of Highland Capital’s Philanthropic Donations

Highland Capital Management, headed by President James Dondero, recently announced that it has appointed Linda Owen as its charitable giving manager. Linda is a famed civic leader from Dallas, Texas. She once headed The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation as President. Her new appointment will see her provide strategic direction and leadership to Highland Capital’s philanthropic activities.

The appointment comes as Highland Capital Management seeks to expand its philanthropic contributions in Texas. The firm also aims to see its contributions make a huge impact. Linda has an impressive track record of charitable engagements and has been able to build and sustain strong partnerships with both the private and public sectors. According to James Dondero, Highland Capital is pleased to be partnering with Linda Owen and looks forward to working closely with the remarkable Owen in improving the local community.

Highland Capital contributes a whopping $3 million yearly to various charitable organizations. The firm has always made its contributions through a local organization called The Dallas Foundation. So far, its contributions have concentrated on supporting education, healthcare, the Dallas community and Veterans’ affairs. Some of its local beneficiaries include the Dallas Zoo, American Heart Association, Snowball Express, the Center for Brain Health and Uplift Education.

Linda Owen started her legal career at Wald, Harkrader & Ross. She earned her BA degree from the distinguished University of Texas. She later got her JD at the University’s School of Law. She has dedicated her career to helping various philanthropic organizations in Dallas.

James Dondero and some of the executives at Highland Capital provide guidance to some of the organizations that they support by serving on their boards. Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management in 1993 and has dedicated his last 23 years at the company. He has since helped grow Highland Capital into a profitable firm.

Dondero is a graduate of University of Virginia’s Macintyre School of Commerce. At the university, he studied Accounting and Finance, and graduated with high honors. He is also a CPA, CMA and CFA. He chairs a number of boards in Texas including Nexbank, CCS Medical and Cornerstone Healthcare.

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Uncommon Schools Teams up with The Mann Family

When I was growing up Ashanti who is a highly acclaimed R&B singer had a song that said dreams are real all you have to do is just believe. Only believing in your dreams sounds like a good idea but it’s really not all it takes in order to be successful. In order to be successful you have to be educated and most importantly you have to have some money up front. I’m a firm believer that in order to make money you have to spend money and even though those aren’t words we want to hear it is the sad truth.

Because I know it costs to follow your dreams I knew college was going to be a hefty expense for my family. It was my goal to make sure my family did not have to pay a ton of money in order for me to attend college so I scanned over the internet for scholarships that would help me offset whatever the cost to attend college would be. It didn’t happen overnight but over a course of time I was able to identify scholarships that not only met my needs but my family’s needs as well.

One scholarship in particular was a scholarship created by Keith Mann. In order to be eligible I only had to write an essay about what I would do if I received the scholarship and what I would do to make sure that I used it to empower my dreams.

Are you familiar with Keith Mann? Keith founded DSP(Dynamic Search Partners) and continue to team up with the likes of Uncommon Schools to locate potential business leaders and offer them educational opportunities.

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Eric Pulier, the Genius

Eric Pulier is a well-known American business person who operates from Los Angeles, California. Pulier has enjoyed a lot of success in his business ventures. The businesses tat Eric has established have raised almost a billion dollars.

Pulier grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey where his abilities became evident at a very early age. At fourth grade, Eric was involved in developing computer programs and even set up a computer database company while in high school. After graduation, Eric joined Harvard University where he pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in American Literature and English.

Pulier graduated college with distinction, again showcasing his abilities. In college, Eric Pulier also studied Computer Science and Visual and Environmental Education. He was also an author of a column in the Harvard Crimson Weekly. Eric Pulier is 48 years old. In his career, he has been involved in the creation of many companies, all of which have been prosperous. In 1991, Eric created People Doing Things, (PDT). The company dedicates itself to solving matters that were affecting primary fields such as education and health care. PDT utilized technology to come up with the solutions. Pulier became the founder of Digital Evolution in 1994. Digital Evolution was an interactive agency that liaised with US Interactive four years later.

Pulier has had many projects from the government to satisfy. In 1997, he was called to constitute the ‘Bridge of the 21st Century’ to celebrate the second inauguration of Bill Clinton and Al Gore. The ceremony went down in Washington DC and many members of the Congress, Supreme Court, and the Senate were present. President Bill Clinton and Al Gore were also in attendance. During the event that was several days long, Pulier gave presentations about how technology would impact our lives soon. Eric was on almost every television channel explaining how technology could ensure success in many fields.

Pulier has encouraged the advancement of space exploration. During the Bridge of the 21st century, Eric presented a milestone by showing live conversation from a space shuttle. He had been involved in producing groundbreaking solutions for healthcare and technology with Al Gore. Pulier also had an interview where he was interrogated by the Vice President, Al Gore himself.

Eric has involved himself in many philanthropic activities in his life. He believes that technology can be employed to solve problems that marginalized communities in the world suffer. Pulier set up one of the premier multimedia educational programs, to educate people suffering Multiple Sclerosis about their condition. Pulier was recognized by US Doctors for Africa in 2010 for his role in introducing technology solutions to health in Africa. Eric is a pioneer donor for ACE Foundation, which is responsible for reinventing software’s to solve the greatest challenges.
Outside business, Eric Pulier is a loving father of four children and lives in Los Angeles, California with his family.

John Goullet: A One-Of-Kind Man

John Goullet is a man that truly represents everything that is good and great about the world we live in today. He is living proof that if you work hard, stay committed, honest, and treat others with respect, anything is possible for you. You can achieve anything you set your mind to and all of your dreams, aspirations, and hopes can come true. That is the same philosophy that works for Diversant, where John Goullet is a member of their leadership board and the principal. He is also an entrepreneur, and those types of people are the ones that really dedicate themselves to something.

When they start out with something, they truly give it their all and they want to see it succeed. It is their baby and they are not afraid to put everything they have into it, to see it grow and see it fly. They feel such a sense of accomplishment and proud when that occurs. They know where it was in the beginning and where it is now. That is how John’s career has been, both in real life, and with Diversant. He used to own a company that was put in charge of finding solutions for Fortune 500 companies. This isn’t always easy and it can be a lot of responsibility. A lesser man would crumble under this and be scared of the pressure. That isn’t John, though. He lives for the chance to see a problem and look for a way to fix it.

When it comes to IT staffing, he also knows how to find the right person for the job. He has his pulse on people and he is a people person. When he looks at someone, he can tell whether they are right or wrong for the job. He looks for people that are risk takers but not careless. He wants outside-the-box thinkers and people that have a strong will and conviction. Others might not see this in them and they might not even see it in themselves yet, but John does. He feels as though it is his responsibility to nourish that and see it grow.

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