Shaygan Kheradpir To Serve As The New Steward Of Coriant

Recently, Shaygan Kheradpir was named as the new chief executive officer of Coriant. Shaygan shall be filling a position that was originally held by Pat DiPietro. Pat shall be the new vice chairperson. He will also return to Marlin Equity Partners to continue with his role as an operating partner.

Marlin Equity Partners played a pivotal role in building Coriant. The entity managed to create the optical transport vendor by bringing together a section of Sycamore Networks, Tellabs and the optical unit of Nokia. Shaygan is not walking into his role blindly. This is because he has been maintaining rapport with the senior management of team of the corporation. Since the beginning of the year, Shaygan has been working closely with Coriant’s management team by virtue of serving as an operating executive at Marlin Equity Partners.

According to Coriant, Shaygan is a successful technology expert and shrewd business leader. He has expansive experience in the financial services, technology and telecom industries. When assuming his new role as the vice chairman, Pat was quoted as saying that the fraternity Coriant was honored to have Shaygan serve as the new CEO. He continued to say that the experienced executive would help guide the vendor to the next level of growth. Coriant’s rivals are expected to make the most of the recent appointment. This information was originally mentioned on Light Reading’s website as explained in the following link

About Shaygan Kheradpir
For over 28 years, Shaygan has held various executive positions in different corporations. The qualified engineer started his career at GTE Company. Because of his hard work and tangible results, Shaygan was appointed to serve as the executive vice president of Verizon. He also doubled up as the chief information officer of the same corporation. As a team member of the Verizon’s executive leadership, Shaygan drove systems modernization, innovation and efficiency. In addition, Shaygan pioneered product initiatives, which included FiOS. This program is considered to be among the largest in the history of the United States. The FiOS program used more than $20 billion in capital investment.

Shaygan worked at Barclays bank as the technology and operations officer. His record of accomplishment saw him serve in the bank’s executive committee. At the bank, Shaygan was instrumental in creating the TRANSFORM program. Through the program, he managed to align the bank with the technologies, innovation and leadership of the 21st century. More than 150,000 employees were involved in implementing the program across 50 countries. Shaygan graduated from Cornell University with an undergraduate degree, postgraduate degree and PhD in engineering. He has many patents that spans across the media, payments and telecom. This information was originally published on Shaygan Kheradpir’s website as highlighted in this link

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The Best Restaurants to try in NYC

Goop magazine is a very informative source. If you are looking for information on the best places to enjoy a great meal, have a private party, a wedding or just to have a relaxing evening with some of your closest friends, they can tell you exactly which restaurants are best. A place like Tarallucci e Vino, which has private event locations in the East Village, Union Square, the Upper West Side and Cooper Hewitt, is described as one of the best. A place where one can indulge with choices of loads of Italian dishes.

The Owner, Luca Di Pietro who was born in Central Italy, wanted to bring his taste of Italy to New York, something he was yearning to do for a long time after working at other restaurants. In 2001 the first restaurant was opened, followed by a number of others. One can rent space for any event, such as weddings, small or large cocktail parties, meetings or that end of the year Christmas gathering. Tarallucci e Vino serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their catering menu consist of a wide variety of fresh fruits, antipasti, paninis, pastas and a whole lot more to tempt your palette. You can also call in an order and have it delivered in a short space of time.

The Spotted Pig, which is located in the West Village and, is in a building that is one hundred and seventy eight year old is another great place. It is described as a wonderful restaurant to visit with a group of friends. The talk around town is that their food is great, and the burgers and french fries are really, really delicious. The best that New York City has to offer. They are known to have a lively crowd, which will mingle with each other before ordering up some of the most tempting, delicious meals. The Spotted Pig is also noted for starting up some relationships.

Some of their mouth watering meals are Deviled Eggs, Devils on Horseback,which is bacon wrapped in prunes, filled with mango chutney. The Grilled Skirt Stake with Asparagus is among some of the customers favorite, along with so many more tempting dishes that would please the eye and most definitely satisfy the palette.

Moving across the country, there is the The Slanted Door. It is located in San Francisco, California. It is not only renowned for it’s tasty Asian,Thai and Vietnamese cuisine but, the breathtaking views of the bay. The menu consists of Spring roll, Clay Pot Chicken Noodles and so much more. Cabbage Salad and Yellow tail seems to be on everyone’s plate. Trip Advisor has awarded them a Certificate of Excellence for getting great reviews from everyone who has tasted their food.

The menu maybe a little pricey but, the customers says that it’s definitely worth it. One can make a reservation to dine solo at the bar; if preferred, or with a group of friends, to savor the wonderful flavors. For it’s consistency of quality food and excellence service, the restaurant was awarded the James Beard Award in 2014. It almost brought the owner Charles Phan and Executive Chef to tears. The Slanted door has also gotten excellent reviews from Zagat.

An In-depth Look at Kabbalah and its Teachings

Kabbalah is a school of thought, discipline as well as an esoteric method that was derived from Judaism. It comprises of a set of esoteric teachings, which are aimed at explaining the relationship between infinity and God’s creation.

Kabbalah literally means to receive. Individuals following the Kabbalah teachings ought to open themselves to become a vessel that takes in what a person wishes to comprehend. This opens a person to higher reality and consciousness to a given point that the individual’s perception of reality changes completely.

Fulfillment in Kabbalah does not necessarily refer to experiencing happiness rather it means connecting to higher energy as well as maintaining the connection to the long-lasting satisfaction. Through Kabbalah, people learn universal principles, which apply to individuals in all regions or faith regardless of their background or ethnicity.

What sets Kabbalah apart from other spiritual teachings is its practical application rather than relying on blind faith. Students of Kabbalah are presented with information and tools without coercion to think in a given way.

Kabbalah Centre

Founded by Rav Yehuda Ashlag in 1922, the Kabbalah Centre serves as the largest global organization that is devoted to disseminating the knowledge or wisdom of the Kabbalah. Its primary goal is to provide individuals with knowledge and tools, which can assist them in improving the lives as well as removing anarchy from the world. Apart from becoming an acknowledged center for Kabbalistic wisdom, it operates in 50 locations around the world and over 5000 individuals studying each week. Further, it offers online learning and physical locations, which provide DVD’s, CD’s, books, prayer services as well as lectures.

After Rav Yehuda Ashlag died, Rav Yehuda Brandwein, his student, succeeded him. Later in 1969, Rav Berg succeeded Brandwein after his death. Currently, Kabbalist Rav Berg is the Director of the Kabbalah Centre and manages the Los-Angeles-based organization with his wife, Karen Berg. This non-profit organization offers Zohar-based teachings. The Zohar deciphers the universal spiritual system as well as mysteries, which are described in the Bible or Torah. In addition, it boasts of an employee size that ranges from 501 to 1000.

More information about the Kabbalah Centre: