Why Independent and Remote Workers Prefer a Shared Office Space

More companies are outsourcing jobs to people who work from home. These home-based employees have now joined the ranks of independent contractors who typically work alone. Recent studies have shown the home atmosphere is not as conducive to productivity as a shared office space. The professional atmosphere found in co-working spaces give workers a better sense of responsibility, which in turn makes what they do more meaningful.

These studies also showed an increase in intent and ambition, which led to an increase in productivity. People from all types of industries feel more comfortable working in a professional office environment. The individuals who chose to work in the shared office spaces also found it beneficial to work in an environment with other people. This gave them the opportunity to share ideas, gain new insights and socialize without the stress of worrying about inter-office politics or reprimands.

Co-Working Spaces in New York City

Workville NYC offers shared office spaces for people living in or traveling through the New York City area. Utilizing an open concept design, these luxury offices cater to the needs of today’s tech savvy worker by providing on-site printers and free WiFi. Cleaned daily, the co-working spaces available from Workville also provide people with desirable amenities such as fresh brewed coffee, comfortably furnished lounge areas and a fully equipped cafe. Workers can also take advantage of the daily mail service and independent phone lines so they never have to miss a deadline.

Manhattan offices for rent offered through WorkvilleNYC.com have several locations. They make it easy to commute to work from anywhere in the city. It also provides workers with magnificent views of the city from any of the three adjacent outdoor terraces. Workville NYC also makes it easy for people to access their co-working spaces at times that are convenient to their busy schedules by providing 24-hour access. They also offer leasing options designed to fit the needs of different jobs. People can rent space by the month, week, day or hour. They also have private offices, conference rooms and meeting rooms available for rent as well.

ClassDojo Revitalizes the Classroom

The classroom can get a little stagnant, but technology can improve everything. This is why teachers are putting smart boards in the classroom. This is also the reason why there are so many apps that are geared towards education. ClassDojo is the type of app that has managed to give a lot of people a new perspective on the classroom.

Teachers are falling in love with this app. So many educators are interested in trying to improve their communication with parents. This can be hard if you don’t have the right type of tools, but the smart phone is something that millions of people have. The app is easy to download, and this is the perfect community to open the lines of communication. That is why ClassDojo is taking off as one of the hottest new apps for educators and parents.

The duo that created the ClassDojo app is from the United Kingdom, but the ideas that this team brought forth were universal ideas for improving teaching. They considered the worse part of teaching and worked hard to make sure that there was better communication between students, parents and teachers. Millions of people would download the app when this education tech startup came into place. In the next 5 years it would become the app that would travel into classrooms and homes by way of smart device technology.

The thing that has made the Class Dojo app stand out is the way that it presents options for better communication. Messages can be sent to parents from teachers. Messages by teachers can also be sent to their students. This is the type of app that has been able to spread on a global level. In different countries around the world teachers are able to help their students revitalize their desire to learn.

Kids are motivated by two things: one is their desire to learn something that they are interested in; the other motivation factor is their desire to please their parents. When ClassDojo comes into the picture the kids find that there is an opportunity to show their parents what they are doing in class. When teachers post videos this is something that motivates the children to do their best. It is a win-win for the teacher that want to get the kids excited about learning while relaying information to parents. The ClassDojo app has become the revolutionary ground-up change for education.