VTA Publications and Their CEO Jim Hunt Plan to Lead the War Against Big Banks


Jim Hunt is a very skilled financial advisor who is know for helping the average Joe fight back against the unfairness of big banks. He gained a lot of notoriety when he claimed he could make his mum a millionaire, tax free, in a video on his YouTube channel in just ten steps using his successful stock trading system.


His stock trading method highly involves and depends on Hunt finding stocks that are steadily rising slow enough that most traders don’t realize they’re even there and piggybacking them as they continue to accumulate. This may sound tough to most people, but to Hunt it’s just another day at work. This is because Hunt has a keen instinct and natural ability for doing what he does for a living that most individuals are just not born with.


Jim Hunt has made a conscious effort to help people not born like him through his YouTube videos he posts. In them he gives trading advice and tips to struggling investors and people who want to become investors. He also divulges details about his most recent investments in his videos.


Jim Hunt is the current CEO of VTA Publications. He was no doubt hired for his prowess and knowledge of the stock market. He works as a financial advisor and analyst for the company. He believes VTA can help him in his quest to even the playing field and give the average investor a chance to win, despite how the big banks work against them.


He is all about providing solutions that effectively fit a customer’s specific needs. You would think that he spends a lot of time thinking about ideas that will help customers, but that isn’t the case. he claims that ideas come better to him when he is totally relaxed and not thinking about an idea at all. According to him his subconscious does all the heavy lifting and then he tweaks a new idea until it is in its most complete form.


About VTA Publications


VTA Publications is a non-fiction publisher dedicated to providing readers viable information about the stock market. Since being founded in 2012 it has grown into quite the company in a few short years, with a clients base that spans the globe. It also functions as a booking agent for seminars and events that give customers a chance to meet face to face with experts in the field that can provide them useful information.


How Cone Marshall Adheres to New Zealand’s Tax Transparency Policy

Cone Marshall is an established tax, estate, and trust international law firm situated in Auckland, New Zealand with its principals being Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall. Geoffrey Cone is renowned for providing trust management, international trust, and tax planning services for over three decades. An article this year acknowledged him as an acclaimed tax lawyer in New Zealand.

In a social media article posted on Twitter and Facebook, Mr. Cone expressed his views regarding taxation in New Zealand. In the article, he demystified the notion that his country to a tax haven consisting of the highly secretive banking industry. He claimed that New Zealand’s taxation policies adhere to the 2002 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Model Agreement, which defined how information on tax matters should be exchanged. Mr. Cone also argued that New Zealand has recorded an increase in foreign trusts because most foreigners consider it as a country with a strong judicial system and safe environment.

Strategies that New Zealand employs to police the foreign trusts

Trustees of foreign trusts, who have citizenship in New Zealand, are mandated by the IRD to present a form known as the Foreign Trust Disclosure form (IR607). They are also mandated to keep all their financial and tax records properly. These records include total money received and spent by a trustee, distributions, settlements, trust deed, and information about the trust’s liabilities. Those who fail to follow this policy are liable to heavy penalties as stated by the 2011 money laundering legislation.

New Zealand’s Tax Transparency Policy

New Zealand comprises of tax agreements that are 39 in number. These agreements are tailor-made to minimize tax impediments on international trade and investments. They also help in punishing people who avoid paying taxes in time. Most of New Zealand’s trust service providers have studied law and accounting. These service providers also have membership in the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP).

About Karen Marshall

Karen Marshall joined Cone Marshall in 2005 and became principal a year after she joined. She previously worked for ten years in London as a commercial litigation lawyer. Her expertise lies in managing trusts and advising statutory trustee companies. Karen and Mr. Cone strive to build New Zealand’s positive reputation through Cone Marshall Limited. The firm complies with the country’s policies on trust and tax. This factor has enabled its clients to receive quality advice on both international trust and tax law.

High Ranking WIT is Changing the World one Conference at a Time

The Wessex Institute of Technology or WIT as it is commonly referred to in the collegiate and research community, is a high ranking university known for its international conferences. The school is located in Southern England at Ashurst Lodge in New Forest National Park.

They are ranked 154th in the United Kingdom and 799th in Europe on the World Wide Web. On a global scale, they are ranked number 2534 in the world. The conferences that they hold are intended to share knowledge and exchange information gained through research with other professionals within the industry. Some topics include ways to reduce the environmental harm that humans do to the Earth. There are also conferences on urban development and water pollution.

Through research done at Wessex Institute of Technology, they believe that the knowledge they obtain should be openly shared with others.