Rocketship Public Schools Network

Rocketship Public Schools explores the infinite possibilities of students’ potential for learning. The system is designed to take responsibility that unleashes learners’ potentials. This system of a network is a nonprofit organization working with elementary schools to assist students. The network is famous for having a different system that incorporates educators, parents and the community.

The general mission of the organization is to collectively work together with parents, leaders, teachers, and students. Together, the network believes that they can transform the low-income community to achieve more. Through the workers that are primary supporters, platforms for innovation and other collaborations are presented to the like-minded students. Provision of excellent education to the students is a fundamental element in the movement. Rocketship believes in the community, and therefore the impact of their work is seeking to build understanding in the society. Expansion of this network has its basis on the work they give towards the community and the general contribution they make.

The support staff at the organization are well informed about the goals and the aim of the project. This has kept the organization going since its foundation. The transparency, growth and the learning undertaken at with honesty is one of the reasons for success at Rocketship. Over the years and up-to-date, workers bringing themselves to work is a tradition that is valued. Besides, has numerous adaptations every year. This makes the organization to have different approaches and styles to the community.

Rocketship Education has the following notifications:

1) Personalized education and learning begins at home

2) Demand is one of the factors that can change the school system

3) Creating a culturally repulsive learning environment requires the support of teachers

4) There is power of learning for parents and guardians of students

5) Action is a powerful element in changing of a system

6) Meaningful inclusions in the learning process is beneficial

7) Achieving success requires one to have a definite mindset and focus

8) Building of a successful organization needs a team that has focus on the objectives set

9) Taking pride in your work can lead to tremendous results


Chris Burch-Revolutionizing the Fashion and Technology Industry

Chris Burch is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. He is an investor and entrepreneur with a passion for the fashion, hospitality, and technology industries. Burch’s current investments include Trademark, a clothing business by his two daughters.  For an overview of his diverse investment portfolio, check

He was born and raised in Pennsylvania and suffered from severe attention deficit disorder as a child. His parents enrolled him in the Tilton prep school, New Hampshire at 14 and several years down the lane; Burch came back to gift the school with 1.3 million dollars.

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He worked in construction during summer and after school while in junior school. Burch spent most of his young days pushing heavy wheelbarrows something he later changed while in college. Burch sold preppy girl’s sweaters and together with his brother started an apparel company, Eagle’s Eye. Since launching this venture, Burch has spent almost 40 years in entrepreneurship and investment. He has participated in the launch and growth of over fifty companies while building a personal brand in the industries.  For updates on his recent timeline activities, hit on

Through the years both the technology and fashion industry have seen many changes with the only constant being growing together. Technology has become more fashionable while fashion has become technologically fashionable. The journey of growth for the two is an interesting one, and we can also expect more to come in the future.  For more interesting news, hop over to

The Past, Present, and Future

Technology grows with the popularity of what people consider fashionable. Today the fashion designers thrive in creating what delivers with the use of technology. The synthesis brings out higher standards in innovation and functionality. Anouk Wipprecht, a Dutch fashion designer, views technology as a playground which is a point for experimenting. It gives you more possibilities as you dive deeper.

Fashions advance through the use of technology to protect us. The airbag and helmets are just examples of fashion items married with technology to shield our heads from impact. Designers are into the recycling of materials to create fantastic styles. Inner bicycle tubes are now creating jackets and shirts. Fashion and technology work together to create energy. Movement can change to electrical power meaning new clothes can capture the kinetic energy.

Fashion and technology grow together and can also help each other. The future of technology is leading to the future of fashion, and the two collaborate to make each other the best. Technology brings about beautiful styles. The excitement of the future is in the lessons the two industries learn from each other to make the world a better place for everyone.

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Netpicks Educates Traders How To Invest Successfully

Mark Soberman formed Netpicks in 1996 with the goal of providing expert trading knowledge to average traders. Netpicks is a trading company based in Irving, Texas. Every employee believes in educating traders, which helps provide a positive trading experience. They offer knowledge and support for day trading strategies, ETF investing, and for Futures, Forex, Options, and Swing trading systems. They provide detailed trading tips, tutorials, and live chat support on their web page. The primary goal of Netpicks is to educate traders how to make money. They actively promote sustainable development. They teach traders how to invest wisely while remaining environmentally conscious.

Netpicks provides extensive knowledge about investing money in ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). ETFs are similar to mutual bonds, but the managing and trading process is different. Investors trade ETFs the same way they trade stocks. ETFs are passively managed, and mutual bonds are actively managed. Netpicks believes the ETFs that focus on environmental and gender issues are the most socially responsible. Investing in companies that use technology to decrease negative environmental impacts creates a diverse world for future generations with expanded possibilities.

Netpicks utilizes education and technology, allowing people to trade smarter, investing less personal time but earning larger payoffs. A person chooses from three options including full-time career, part-time income, and done in minutes. Mark Soberman and the staff at Netpicks have combined trading experience of over 25 years and over 17 years of trading education experience.

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Netpicks designed their systems so anyone can learn the crucial information in the least amount of time possible. Important details available here.  They listen to an investor to help educate and guide every step of the way. They help everyone invest in a way that builds the perfect personal portfolio. They help investors utilize trading indicators to provide technical analysis that improves trading. Indicators show traders market trends, buy and sell signals, and other technical information. Get started, hit this useful link.

Netpicks knows how to succeed in trading and they want to teach everyone how to have long-term, sustainable success.  Additional tips available on

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Serial Entrepreneur Chris Burch Finds Success As Hotelier

Chris Burch is a world-renowned entrepreneur and investor who’s launched successful clothing lines such as Tory Burch and C. Wonder. His latest venture into the hospitality arena has dazzled holiday goers in search of a five-star experience. In 2012, Chris Burch and partner James McBride started a business venture in the form of an Indonesian beach hostel. The beach hostel is in Sumba, a beautiful island replete with water falls, beaches and lush landscapes. The duo invested $30 million in the hostel, transforming it into a five-star resort that opened in 2015. The resort is called Nihiwatu, and has been named “the best hotel in the world” by Travel + Leisure Magazine in 2016 and 2017.   Check

The word Nihiwatu translates to mortar stone;the natural rock formation on the island is the inspiration for the hotel’s name. Chris Burch wanted Nihiwatu to be a memorable experience for every guest. With 27 private villas with their own pools, spas located under water falls, and in-room spa treatments Chris Burch has attained this goal. The hotel ensures that they are helping to sustain the environment and culture of Suma island by donating profits to the Sumba Foundation, and using traditional and local décor and furnishings.  Additional article on

Chris Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital, an investment firm that seeks world changing entrepreneurial ideas and products. Burch Creative Capital actively seeks disruptive brand ideas to foster and help create impactful consumer ready products and services. Chris Burch has over 40 years of experience in business ventures and has launched over 50 companies. His prowess in the entrepreneurial market gives him a clear understanding of how to make a product successful. The company’s portfolio includes Poppin, ED by Ellen Degeneres and Cocoon9.  To read more about his various business ventures, head over to this important site.

Chris Burch owes the success of his firm to having a wide array of consumer products in the company’s portfolio. He has studied consumer behavior over the decades, and applies this knowledge to his investment strategies. His love for creating business opportunities began when he was attending school at Ithaca College, where he and his brother Bob opened Eagles Eye Apparel. The two brothers invested $2000 to start up the company and later sold it to the Swire Group after its value swelled to $165 million.  With reference from  Chris Burch found opportunity as a prime investor in the Capital Group and has triumphed as an international and domestic real estate investor.

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Marc Sparks, The Entrepreneur Helping Other Entrepreneurs

Marc Sparks is a businessman and entrepreneur who has a tremendous amount of experience in the field, and who is now working towards helping people with similar goals and aspirations. He has been the mind behind several hugely successful startups that have all made it big in the industry that they are in. Using this knowledge and experience in the field, Marc Sparks has taken numerous entrepreneurial ventures and turned them into the true successes that they deserve to be. Learn more:


Marc Sparks knows that he can bring huge changes to businesses and companies. He has always wanted to help people, and use his experience to guide them on the right path. He has had numerous entrepreneurs come to him, asking for his help in their business side of things. His specialty is taking those businesses that show absolutely no potential in the industry, and turning them into something that is a huge success in society. Learn more:


Marc Sparks currently calls the city of Dallas his home and runs most of his companies out of their headquarters in the city. He is known throughout the city of Dallas for his ventures and is looked up to as a prominent business man in the area.


Setting a good plan of action is always something that Marc Sparks has lived by. He has always believed a plan of action to be one of the main factors that can lead to a company being a success in the industry. Whenever any businessman or entrepreneur comes to him for guidance, he always tries to help them formulate the right plan of action for them to follow for maximum efficiency of their company.


The field of communications is one which Marc Sparks has heavily invested into. He has had numerous start-ups in this sector, with some of his most significant companies being Blue Jay Wireless. He is also well versed in the field of marketing and advertising, which is why Splash Media, one of his startups, has been so successful in the industry. Learn more:


In addition to helping clients who personally come to him, Marc Sparks has helped thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world by publishing a book on the important principles that one should follow for a successful business. The book that he has published uses his own experiences in the field to draw parallels to different business concepts. The book is a glimpse into the life of the entrepreneurial mind that is Marc Sparks and the successful career that followed.


It’s true that Marc Sparks believes in always helping people, and does so not just in terms of business, but also to fulfill his philanthropic interests as well. He regularly donates to organizations that are working for the upliftment of underprivileged members of society. Learn more: