Greg Aziz and the National Steel Car Company

National Steel Car has grown exponentially in the past few decades, and that’s thanks to one man: Gregory James Aziz of Ontario, Canada. Born in 1949, Mr. James Aziz was quickly drawn into his family’s wholesale food import business – Affiliated Foods. However, he soon branched out into other aspects of international business and eventually bought National Steel Car in 1994. He took over as CEO and Chairman of the Board and the rest, as they say, is history.


National Steel Car expanded quickly under the watchful eye of Gregory J Aziz, who treated the company as a growing business. When he bought the company in 1994, business had been on the decline for years. All that changed once he implemented his award-winning business strategies.


1By the year 2000, there were over 3,000 employees working at National Steel, more than 6 times the number of employees that had been working there when Aziz took over. The production rates tripled as well, and the company was injected with a new life. Profit margins soared higher than they ever had before in the history of National Steel, a company originally founded in 1912.


Aziz excelled at running National Steel. New life was injected into the entire industry, with Aziz citing his dedicated employees and good relationships with suppliers as the reason for his success.


That success has turned out to be the success of the community of Ontario as a whole, with Greg Aziz and his wife Irene becoming community sponsors of the Hamilton Opera and other venues as well as Ontario’s food drives. This philanthropic approach to success has made Greg Aziz and National Steel ever more popular within the Ontario community, and the family continues to remain very much involved in community affairs.

Greg Aziz even hosts and sponsors a Christmas party each year for the thousands of people employed by National Steel, and encourages his employees to give back to the community as well. Go Here To Learn More.


Today, the National Steel Company is the leading railroad freight car manufacturer in North America, and there are no current plans to slow down the innovation and growth of the company. Under a leader as open minded, community-oriented and forward-thinking as Greg James Aziz, anything is possible!

Greg Aziz, Chaperoning the National Steel Car to Produce Competitive Products in the Freight Industry

The National Steel car has an outstanding record of profound expertise in manufacturing and engineering tank cars for over a millennium. The company is famous for being the leading manufacturer of both railroad and tank cars in the industry. The company is anchored by the dedication of its people. They have teamed up to come up with all round innovative ideas which elevate their achievements to an entirely new level. National Steel Car has developed to be a unique, diverse, dynamic, and a value-driven firm. Better results are achieved through risking tasting the waters of unattained challenges. With persistence, the team is able to raise the bar immensely by the simple effort of daring to pursue what no one else seeks to. Get More Info Here.


Mr. Gregory James Aziz is the current CEO and Chairman of National Steel Car. Through

Greg Aziz leadership, the company has grown into a massive venture and just the mention of its name commands respect in the sector. Greg Aziz holds a degree in Economics from the Western University. Other than holding a top position in National Steel Car, Greg also serves the National Industries, Inc. as the Chief Executive Officer.


During his tenure at National Steel Car, Gregory initiated a culture of dependency on their strengths to create unmatched and efficient products. He encourages his team to stick to their core values and maintain the company’s sense of purpose which acts as a fore wheel in all their endeavors. Having these at heart, they are able to build a strong trust with their customers who rely on them to get the best quality railcars that portray consistency in high on-time performances. National Steel Car takes pride in being the only railcar company in North America with a certified ISO 9001:2008. They have received several recognitions which include over 10 years in the consistent earning of the TTX SECO award which is carried out annually.


The company rarely dwells on its achievements but rather takes them as a challenge to be even bigger and better than they ever were before. Over the years, National Steel Car has sought out to pursue excellence and positive attention to the highest rank. The company’s team relentlessly works hard to ensure that their customers, satisfaction is attained thus maintaining its position as a pioneer in its area of operation. Equivalently, they have secured clients who have shown their loyalty, therefore, strengthening their relationship with the suppliers. National Steel car has an esteemed team of 2000 members who do not rest unless the company’s mission has been accomplished.


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National Steel Car Under CEO Greg Aziz

National Steel Car is among the oldest corporations in the engineering and manufacturing industry in Canada. National Steel Car was established in 1912 in Hamilton, Canada. Over the years, the company has been through various hands as various investors bought it in a bid to transform it. The original creators of National Steel Car were Sir John Morison Gibson. And Basil Magor. National Steel Car was first carried out as a project under the National Industries Inc. Basil Magor was the first general manager of the firm. After establishing it, the first years of its operations were booming with business. The railway’s industry in the region was taking shape, and therefore orders were flowing from all over. One of the first clients of National Steel Car was Canadian Pacific Railway. This corporation wanted National Steel Car to supply them with car boxes. The company also received orders from Canadian Northern Railway


Later in 1919, Robert Magor and Donald Symington bought the company from the National Industries Inc. and made it privately owned company under the new name of National Steel Car Corporation Limited. Business was good for the corporation for the first two decades. However, in the 1930s, the company experienced challenges that resulted from the economic depression that was witnessed at the time. There was a shortage of orders, and the company could barely find clients to supply with railroad freight cars. It had to take other measures that included reverting to making bus bodies and motor trucks which had demand at the time. The situation could later become better in the 1940s when the Second World War kicked in. Railway transport was in high demand, and the company once again got back to business. National Steel Car was the supplier for Canada and the United States for all rolling stock orders. In 1962, the corporation was bought by Dofasco. Go Here To Learn More.


Gregory Aziz


Gregory James Aziz is the chief executive officer of National Steel Car. He bought the corporation from Dofasco in 1994, when they failed to manage its operation leading to the collapse of the business. Greg Aziz joined the corporation with one ideas only; transforming the corporation so that it could be the best there is in the country. And the entire North America in general.


Gregory J Aziz managed to accomplish his dream very first, and in a short time, the company’s production capacity had been restored. The company was producing over 12000 cars every year by 1999.


Gregory James Aziz Successful Endeavors to National Steel Car


Gregory James Aziz has proven to be successful following his improvements on National Steel Car to make it one of the best railroad freight car companies in the world. He is National Steel Car’s current CEO, chairman, and President. The company is currently situated in Hamilton, Ontario; Canada. Greg Aziz himself was born in the city London found in Ontario; Canada on the 30th of April 1949. In his early life, James Aziz attended the Ridley College where he later joined the University of Western Ontario. Gregory J Aziz set his primary focus on the study of economics. At the age of 22 in the year 1971, Gregory Aziz went into their family business which dealt with foods by the name Affiliated Foods.


The company grew within 16 years and was able to import fresh foods from continents such as Europe, Central, and South America and distribute them to the major fresh food markets in the U.S and even Canada. Greg went on to search for investments banking opportunities in New York and was able to organize himself to get a considerable amount of money for which he bought National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994. Aziz set his main objective as to transform National Steel Car into a great company all across North America. With this in mind, Gregory put out a lot of capital and human investments where he was able to build an outstanding team. In about five years, the company was able to improve its manufacturing capability from 3,500 railroad freight cars per year to 12,000. Then, employment rose up from 600 to about 3,000 employees. Click Here For More Info.


National Steel Car has now grown and become the only company which engineers and manufactures railroad freight cars all across Canada and North America. It was certified in the year 2008 the ISO 9001:2008 and has held it for the past eighteen years. It has also held the TTX SECO highest award since the year 1996. Through its great success, the company significantly appreciates the Hamilton Society through local charities and shows such as the Hamilton Opera and Theater Aquarius. The company also holds various parties which are celebrated every year, and the community participates in food drives to local food banks. Gregory Aziz and Irene, his wife, have also shown gratitude to their country by being the sponsors of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair which is the most prominent Agricultural Fair in Canada.



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The Story Behind the Success of Greg James Aziz, CEO National Steel Car

Greg J Aziz is the chairman, president, and CEO of the National Steel Car (NSC). NSC is currently one of the world’s largest railroad freight car manufacturing firms. It is located in Hamilton, Ontario. The company has been in business for the last 100 years. During this time, it has acquired a reputation but providing excellence in engineering, manufacturing, and commitment to quality.

Mr. Aziz was born in London, Ontario. He was schooled at Ridley College, later on, he majored in Economics at the University of Western Ontario. After graduation, he quickly joined the family enterprise, Affiliated Foods. The company grew over time to be a global importer fresh foods importer in Europe, Cantal and Southern America. It distributes to the major wholesaler across the America, Europe, and Canada.

In the 1980s Greg Aziz moved to New York in search of investment banking opportunities. His pursuit led him to acquire the National Steel car in 1994. He immediately began working on his dream, establishing a leading railroad. Since then, Aziz has led the company to nurture excellent teams that have exceptional engineering abilities. Under his tenure, the company has seen a significant amount of growth. This is evidenced by its current production capacity that has risen from 3,500 to 12,000 cars annually. Go Here For More Info.

Gregory J. Aziz is described as having an unparalleled creativity. He has employed this quality together with engineering and manufacturing expertise to propel the railroad cars to their present status. The cars have been voted the leading in North America consistently for 18 years. His success has allowed, Aziz to give back to the community, specifically to the people of Hamilton. The National Steel Car sponsors several charity activities. The beneficiaries of this generosity include the Salvation Army, the Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, the United Way and Much more.

James Aziz and his wife, Irene, are passionate contributors to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair through their donations. The Agricultural Fair is the most popular in Canada. Aziz’s journey with the freight car manufacturer spans over 23 years. With every single day off he has spent in the company, the man has strived to ensure it rises to higher levels. True enough, the National Steel Car has been featured in many quality awards. The firm boasts of being the only railroad freight manufacturer, manufacturing, and engineering company to be certified ISO 900I:2008. Indeed, Greg Aziz’ story is a remarkable one.

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The Leadership of CEO Gregory Aziz at National Steel Car

In line with the manufacture of freight cars as well as their engineering, National Steel Car has been in operation for a period exceeding a hundred years. They always adhere to quality in production. The fact that the company meets the quality standards is what makes it maintain the preference in the market. Their consistent improvement in quality is what has kept the company’s reputation high in the entire North America.


The success of the company has its roots in its fraternity. The leadership gives gratitude to the organization as a whole for the accomplishments already realized. The pride that the firm has acted as a source of inspiration for them to work harder. The transformation of the company is heading to greater levels that it never reached before. It is currently advanced in line with its diversity, innovation and its drive is behind values. The fact that Gregory James Aziz is active in his leadership duty makes him a role model on how the company endeavors should be executed.


It is the open challenge between themselves that they can raise the bar continually. As well, there is a substantial knowledge on how to focus their capabilities on the efficiency that is potentially not matched within the industry of rail. The independence of the company is aided by its individuals, and this has enhanced its consistency. The core values are often revisited to ensure that they remain on course during their operations. Read This Article.


The challenge in a manufacturing company is in winning the trust and preference by customers. National Steel Cars did this by constructing the freight cars with the best quality. The explanation to this can be seen in that it is the only railcar firm with the certification of ISO 9001:2008 in the entire North America. For a period of over a hundred years, the firm has always been the winner of the TTX SECO award which happens on a yearly basis. The point at which the company rests is upon the continued search for success and being open to listening to clienteles carefully. Such exceptional features are what ensures that the firm always outcompetes their opponents.


The progress of the company operations is smooth due to the presence of Gregory J Aziz in leadership. James Aziz works in more than a position within the firm. The positions include that of the CEO, the President, and the Chairman. He has all that it takes to perform well in these areas thus the reasons for the attained prosperity by the firm.

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