Marc Sparks, The Entrepreneur Helping Other Entrepreneurs

Marc Sparks is a businessman and entrepreneur who has a tremendous amount of experience in the field, and who is now working towards helping people with similar goals and aspirations. He has been the mind behind several hugely successful startups that have all made it big in the industry that they are in. Using this knowledge and experience in the field, Marc Sparks has taken numerous entrepreneurial ventures and turned them into the true successes that they deserve to be. Learn more:


Marc Sparks knows that he can bring huge changes to businesses and companies. He has always wanted to help people, and use his experience to guide them on the right path. He has had numerous entrepreneurs come to him, asking for his help in their business side of things. His specialty is taking those businesses that show absolutely no potential in the industry, and turning them into something that is a huge success in society. Learn more:


Marc Sparks currently calls the city of Dallas his home and runs most of his companies out of their headquarters in the city. He is known throughout the city of Dallas for his ventures and is looked up to as a prominent business man in the area.


Setting a good plan of action is always something that Marc Sparks has lived by. He has always believed a plan of action to be one of the main factors that can lead to a company being a success in the industry. Whenever any businessman or entrepreneur comes to him for guidance, he always tries to help them formulate the right plan of action for them to follow for maximum efficiency of their company.


The field of communications is one which Marc Sparks has heavily invested into. He has had numerous start-ups in this sector, with some of his most significant companies being Blue Jay Wireless. He is also well versed in the field of marketing and advertising, which is why Splash Media, one of his startups, has been so successful in the industry. Learn more:


In addition to helping clients who personally come to him, Marc Sparks has helped thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world by publishing a book on the important principles that one should follow for a successful business. The book that he has published uses his own experiences in the field to draw parallels to different business concepts. The book is a glimpse into the life of the entrepreneurial mind that is Marc Sparks and the successful career that followed.


It’s true that Marc Sparks believes in always helping people, and does so not just in terms of business, but also to fulfill his philanthropic interests as well. He regularly donates to organizations that are working for the upliftment of underprivileged members of society. Learn more:


Dr. Rick Shinto & His Success with InnovaCare

Dr. Rick Shinto is currently the leader of InnovaCare. Dr. Rick Shinto has many years of experience under his belt in various companies where he gained knowledge and continued to learn. Dr. Rick Shinto has been a successful leader for all of the companies that he has worked for.

Dr. Rick Shinto attended the University of California at Irvine, where he received his Bachelor of Science degree. He then went on to the State University of New York at Stony Brook to attain his medical degree on Afterwards, he went to the University of Redlands where he successfully earned his Master of Business Administration degree.

Dr. Rick Shinto has made it InnovaCare’s mission to help people who need experienced medical care from top professionals. The company offers various options to their clients and they particularly deal with individuals who need help with Medicare Advantage plans and Medicaid. InnovaCare is currently one of the most successful managed healthcare service provider in Puerto Rico.

Just a few months ago, Dr. Rick Shinto added three employees to their leadership team at InnovaCare. The three individuals that were added include Jonathan Meyers, Penelope Kokkinides, and Mike Sortino. Jonathan Meyers has been added to the leadership team as the Chief Actuary Officer of InnovaCare. Prior to joining InnovaCare, Jonathan Meyers had served in executive positions before at various organizations. Penelope Kokkinides is now serving as the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare while she also has years of experience in the health care industry and experience in leadership as well. Mike Sortino is serving as the Chief Accounting Officer of InnovaCare with many years of experience in leadership as well. Dr. Rick Shinto has previously said that these new executives on have much experience in the fields that they are assigned to and that they each will bring a lot to the table to continue InnovaCare’s success. He’s very proud to have them join the leadership team at InnovaCare.

Dr. Rick Shinto himself has brought a lot to the table at InnovaCare. Dr. Rick Shinto has won many awards with the various companies that he has worked with throughout his historic career. Just recently, Dr. Rick Shinto has helped InnovaCare join the HHS to reform Medicare payment models. By Dr. Rick Shinto’s actions, InnovaCare can continue to bring affordable and experienced health care to Medicare patients. These patients will have access to affordable health care that ensures they get the quality of health care that they need.

InnovaCare has been very successful under Dr. Rick Shinto’s experience. Since he joined the company, the company is the leading provider of health plan options for individuals in Puerto Rico. InnovaCare has over 200,000 members while they have a network of over 5,000 providers to choose from. InnovaCare has two Medicaid plans in Puerto Rico and they’re the only managed healthcare service provider that has been certified by the government. Source:

Brian Torchin Makes A Difference With His HCRC Staffing Company

Each year hospitals and other medicals offices are showing an increase in a need for qualified chiropractors and other medical professionals. Unfortunately, the process to find these professionals can become time consuming and stressful. In order to assist medical offices and hospitals locate the perfect candidate for the job, Brian Torchin has helped to develop Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC.

Brian has many years of staffing and medical management office experience. His previous work history has allowed him to gain much knowledge and expertise in understanding the need of clients and pairing them with the right candidate. His hard-work has provided him opportunities to offer services in many states such as Pennsylvania, Florida, and even Delaware. Once he started his own company, his did not allow his passion and hard work to cease. Brian goes above and beyond to make sure that his clients are more than satisfied with the services provided to them. His HCRC Staffing Company is a top full-service staffing and consulting firm in the healthcare field.

One way that Brian and HCRC Staffing go above and beyond what is expected is by being available at all times. Brian understands that some companies may need emergency staffing at times that are not during regular office hours. By making sure that staffing needs can be met at any hour, many medical facilities depend and trust HCRC Staffing completely with their staffing needs.

Brian Torchin has not only been able to make a difference in the healthcare industry in the United States but also abroad. His company is also able to offer top notch and proficient services in Asia, Australia, Canada, and Europe.

In addition, to providing only the best candidates to his clients; Brian also prides himself in being able to find the very best workers in the healthcare field. He is able to find the best of the best candidates by offering potential candidates the best.. His tactic includes staying knowledgeable about the compensation trends in the industry. Brian understands that in order to find the best one has to offer a competitive salary.