Paul Mampilly: Helping You Make The Right Investment Choice

Paul Mampilly has one passion, and that is helping the normal Americans in wealth acquisition through investment. Paul works with Banyan Hill Publishing, which he joined in 2016. His career has grown over time. He began it in 1991 at Bankers Trust where he worked as an assistant portfolio manager. Since then, his career has been sky rocketing. He is at the moment retired from Wall Street and has instead chosen to work with the everyday people. He helps them make good investment choices.

According to Paul Mampilly, Wall Street does not help enough people, and that is why he chose to leave it. When you approach Paul for investment advice, be sure he will do thorough research before he advises you on the way to go. Paul revealed in an interview that he believes helping customers should always come first as compared to making money. He would recommend people to read “How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market.”

About Paul Mampilly
Paul Mampilly is the founder of Capuchin Consulting. He is Indian born but moved to the U.S. as a young man. With hard work and determination, Paul has been able to achieve his ‘American Dream.’ He is the founder of Profits Unlimited, which is an investment newsletter. With his passion in investment, Paul has accumulated 25 years of experience.

Career Life
He began his career small but quickly moved to bigger positions such as; managing accounts in Bankers Trust and ING. His resume is quite impressive. He has been able to work with the Royal Bank of Scotland, a Swiss Bank, and Sears. Paul is a winner of a prestigious investment competition which was organized by Templeton Foundation.

He has worked with Kinetics International Fund, where he helped grow its assets. This was a major achievement for both Paul and the Fund since it was named as one of the ‘World’s Best Hedge Funds.’ Paul Mampilly has made a long-lasting impact in every company he has worked in. Looking at his track record, we learn that he’s a man with a keen eye in investment.

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