Thor Halverssen, Head of the Human Rights Foundation, Warns of its Dangers

Thor Halverssen, head of the Human Rights foundation may have donated to Bernie Sanders, but he does not believe that socialism offers the answers to America’s current economic woes. He appeared on the Fox Business Network show The Intelligence Report in early March to explain his position.


Halversson, the founder of the Human Rights Foundation, developed his position on socialism after watching his cousins suffer under the rule of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Two of his relatives currently reside in one of the country’s prisons for speaking out against the Chavez administration.


Chavez came to power over the objections of the United States government in the early twenty-first century. Halvorssen used Venezuela as an example of how a despotic dictator could come to power by using the principles of socialism. The HRF head warned that when such people come into power, they often implement oppressive policies and forget the promises they made to the people.


Neither Trish Regan, host of the program, nor the Human Rights Foundation head discussed if socialism was good for America. The host tried to define the term briefly, but she was interrupted by Halvorssen reminding her that many Northern European countries have socialist governments and have had them for decades. The key to successful socialist governments is to have a long history of stable, democratic governments.


Venezuela may soon suffer from the policies of its governments. The country suffers from hyperinflation and the rate is over 700% at the moment. Few Latin American governments have survived when their countries inflation reaches the four digit numbers.

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