Greyhound Travels By Doug Levitt Produces Opportunity to Portray Americans Real Life Struggles in “The Greyhound Diaries”

The Greyhound Diaries are an exceptional collection of real peoples stories, and now is your chance to learn how this project was created. Singer and song writer Doug Levitt decided to take a chance on giving up his career as a foreign news correspondent based in London, and changed his career to singer-songwriter before returning to the United States. With his return home he felt the need to become an artist and he believed that by traveling the United States by riding a Greyhound bus was the perfect way for him to get what he was looking for to produce something creative that the world could hear and see how these people struggle just to get by every day.

Doug Levitt was born in 1972, and the youngest child of David and Carol Schwartz. Being raised in Washington DC, Doug attended the public schools and graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School. He then went on to attend Cornell University, and later moved on to London School of Economics where he earned his Masters Degree in International Relations when he received a Fulbright Scholarship. Doug then became a Foreign Correspondent reporting for such entities as NBC, ABC, among others.

The Greyhound Diaries consist of songs, pictures, and stories Doug Levitt collected along the some 100,000 miles he’s traveled over the past decade or so. The collection has been made into 2 EP albums, a book, and a website. Doug was no different from many of the people he met as he was a struggling new artist just trying to find his way. As he tried to get people to open up and talk to him about their lives and hardships they face, He found that it made it easier for the citizens of the communities he visited to share if he also talked about himself. This proved to also be helpful to Doug as he realized that by sharing the story of finding his father who committed suicide it let him come to understand it.

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