Better Sales Marketing Skills Can Make All The Difference

One can make his or her business grow through applying many different strategies in order to develop one of the greatest methods is direct sales. Bernardo Chua is a successful direct sales businessman therefore a better entrepreneur, he is also the CEO of Organo Gold it’s a direct sales coffee corporate and products that provide to people who consume them, mostly the active business clients.

The expertise which he had in network marketing improved the development of the company, as the beneficiary of Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal therefore contributing to the achievement of marketing industries.

Bernardo Chua as a well-known businessman has made him attain many awards including Dangal ng Bayar Award for business from People’s Choice and in the year 2014 he got National Consumers Quality Awards.

Many times his company was recognized as a direct selling food supply organization, he also partners with top people in Ganoderma producers in the world, thus increasing the features of the company’s produces.

Through his entire early growth in business, he was familiar with the significance of having a direct sales business, he decided to stretch his business to the Philippines and many other countries. According to The Street, Bernardo Chua knew about the well-known Ganoderma in which products of mushrooms that have developed to be the main produce in Organo Gold.

In the year 2006 Organo Gold was well recognized since being in the market for more than five years, it was declared to be the 55th biggest direct sales company worldwide. It has many suppliers who are more than one million in the world.

Each day the coffee manufacturing makes a struggle to stay on top of the charts, henceforth retaining its legacy. Organo Gold is situated in Canada in which it’s well-known to have tough rules in producers and enterprises, therefore adding the growth of the company since the quality of products they produce are good and certified also the company has made a healthy substitute to many others coffee which has better taste that improves the live hood of the society.