Andrew Rolfe Spearheads Ubuntu Fund’s Agenda by Hosting 300 Socialites and Philanthropists to Raise Money for the Disadvantaged Children in Africa

Ubuntu Education Fund, which has been supporting the dream of the disadvantaged students in Africa, recently held a Fund raiser in London where more than £603,000 was raised. The amount raised during the fundraising gala equals to about R10 million in South Africa. The amount raised during the colorful event surpassed the targeted amount that was set by the event organizers.

The amount raised during the gala night would be used to expand student facilities at the Ubuntu Education Fund’s Port Elizabeth campus in South Africa. The institution, which has enjoyed financial support from the Ubuntu Fund, is now set to open doors to more poor school going children in South Africa. The entire program that is backed by the Ubuntu Fund is known for taking care of the underprivileged children in the country until a time when they can stand on their feet. The event that was organized by Ubuntu Fund was attended by more than 300 of the London’s famous socialites and philanthropists who helped to raise the set amount.

Andrew Rolfe, the chairman of the Ubuntu Fund, welcomed all the guests on behalf of the organization. There was massive entertainment from the Xhosa chorals, and remarkable speeches were made by various reputable figures that moved the crowds. Some of the guests that were scheduled to speak at the event include two students who have been beneficiaries of the Ubuntu Fund. Although most of the speeches were inspiring, it is the personal story of Sinesipho, one of the students that kept the guest’s ears sharp and listening.

Sinesipho narrated how she was brought up in one of the worst environments that did not support her education in any way. Sinesipho’s father was a drunkard, and this significantly affected her education. While other students looked forward to going home after classes, Sinesipho dreaded it since she was aware of what awaited her at home. However, armed with the zeal to beat odds, Sinesipho worked hard and earned Ubuntu Fund scholar where she was mentored and supported psychologically.


About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew Rolfe has been spearheading Ubuntu Fund’s agenda of helping the underprivileged children in different parts of the globe. Mr. Rolfe earned his arts degree in philosophy from Oxford University. Additionally, he has a business economics and administration degree from the Harvard School of business.