Rocketship Public Schools Network

Rocketship Public Schools explores the infinite possibilities of students’ potential for learning. The system is designed to take responsibility that unleashes learners’ potentials. This system of a network is a nonprofit organization working with elementary schools to assist students. The network is famous for having a different system that incorporates educators, parents and the community.

The general mission of the organization is to collectively work together with parents, leaders, teachers, and students. Together, the network believes that they can transform the low-income community to achieve more. Through the workers that are primary supporters, platforms for innovation and other collaborations are presented to the like-minded students. Provision of excellent education to the students is a fundamental element in the movement. Rocketship believes in the community, and therefore the impact of their work is seeking to build understanding in the society. Expansion of this network has its basis on the work they give towards the community and the general contribution they make.

The support staff at the organization are well informed about the goals and the aim of the project. This has kept the organization going since its foundation. The transparency, growth and the learning undertaken at with honesty is one of the reasons for success at Rocketship. Over the years and up-to-date, workers bringing themselves to work is a tradition that is valued. Besides, has numerous adaptations every year. This makes the organization to have different approaches and styles to the community.

Rocketship Education has the following notifications:

1) Personalized education and learning begins at home

2) Demand is one of the factors that can change the school system

3) Creating a culturally repulsive learning environment requires the support of teachers

4) There is power of learning for parents and guardians of students

5) Action is a powerful element in changing of a system

6) Meaningful inclusions in the learning process is beneficial

7) Achieving success requires one to have a definite mindset and focus

8) Building of a successful organization needs a team that has focus on the objectives set

9) Taking pride in your work can lead to tremendous results