Jeff Yastine Explains the Possibilities of Cybersecurity Investment

     Jeff Yastine, the editor of Banyan Hill Publishing’s Total Wealth Insider, says that there is a huge opportunity for cybersecurity investments. Especially in the financial sector, it is going to make wide-spread changes in corporate transactions. He says that banks have tightened the corporate transaction procedures considering the cyber-attacks in the recent years that were specifically targeting financial houses and corporates. Yastine says that Wells Fargo already implemented smartphone-enabled face, voice, and eyeball biometric authentication for its clients in the corporate sector through the commercial electronic office or CEO banking platform. He observed that more banks are trying to replicate what Wells Fargo is doing to protect their corporate customers.

Yastine noted that Citigroup, Barclays, and other major financial institutions have designed and rolled out similar kind of biometric solutions to avoid the threats from cybersecurity-related frauds. He points out that while more financial servicers are moving towards biometric solutions, it creates excellent investment opportunities in the sector. According to Tractica, a leading market research firm, the sector would generate a $15 billion business in the coming decade. While there was a separation for those offerings in the case of corporates and individual consumers, recent years saw a bigger integration in that aspect.

A bank executive has openly said that the industry is operating with passwords for more than 15 years, and it has reached its due date per his opinion. Jeff Yastine also expresses that biometrics also became an old security solution now, considering smartphones started using fingerprint scanner years back. Similarly, U.S. military officials use iris scanners to capture the details of the suspected Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan. Yastine continues that behavioral biometrics are getting the momentum in the recent years. It can significantly help when one of the factors of identification got compromised. It uses the rhythmic speed of using keyboards, the movement pattern of the mouse, and more as potential authentication choices.

Jeff Yastine is a stock market investor with more than two decades of experience in creating great success. He also served as a financial journalist and analyzed the financial movements of his readers. Interestingly, Yastine was the anchor of Nightly Business Report of PBS during the period 1994 to 2010, and he interviewed Warren Buffett, Sir Richard Branson, Michael Dell, and many other highly successful investors during those days. He joined Banyan Hill in the year 2015 and also contributes to Winning Investor Daily and Sovereign Investor Daily – two other publications from the investment advisory firm.

Jeff Yastine Is a Fine Journalist

     Jeff Yastine is a tireless professional who works for a company called Banyan Hill Publishing. He’s Banyan Hill Publishing’s proud Editorial Director. He works alongside various other people on the Banyan Hill Publishing team. These people include internal analyst Ian Dyer, editor Ted Bauman and, last but not least, legal counsel specialist Robert E. Bauman. Banyan Hill is a United States-based business that focuses on investments that can help people gain significant profits. It focuses on investment security as well. People who are passionate about wealth protection regularly read the pieces that are available through Banyan Hill.

Yastine works as Total Wealth Insider’s editor. People often refer to Yastine simply as “JL.” He’s been part of the Banyan Hill Publishing team since 2015. That’s when he landed the Editorial Director position. He’s been a big asset to Banyan Hill. Yastine has a stock market investment background that spans more than twenty years. He has a solid background in the financial journalism realm as well. He has a deep understanding that involves financial events that take place all around the globe.

Yastine currently lives and works in Delray Beach, Florida. Delray Beach is part of Palm Beach County and boasts a pleasant coastal feel. Although Yastine became part of the Banyan Hill Publishing staff in the spring of 2015, he worked with many companies before that time. He’s worked for companies such as Newsmax Media, Inc., PBS’ Nightly Business Report, The Oxford Club, LLC and others. Yastine was a senior correspondent with the Nightly Business Report. He worked hard to look for high-quality stories that involved economic, financial and business patterns.

Yastine is a graduate of the University of Florida. He attended the school between the years of 1983 and 1986. He studied electronic journalism while there. Electronic journalism is also commonly known as “telecommunications.” Yastine earned a Bachelor of Arts degree through the university.

People who know Yastine have many terrific things to say about him. People who have been his colleagues throughout the years have so many wonderful things to say about his work ethic as well. Yastine is an individual who knows exactly what he wants out of his career. He’s someone who knows exactly what he needs to do to achieve his aims. People believe that Yastine is a skilled journalist. They also are big fans of his storytelling talents. He knows how to paint vivid mental images.

Shiraz Boghani Is Committed To People Service And Health Care

     Shiraz Boghani is the Chairman of the Splendid Hospitality Group, a privately-held group of hotels received the HOTELIER OF THE YEAR AT THE ASIAN BUSINESS AWARDS 2016. Boghani has thirty years of experience in the hospitality industry. He has a successful relationship with European funders.

Splendid Hospitality Group operates develops 2000 bedrooms in 20 hotels and is UK’s fastest growing privately-held hotel groups. The Hotels are known for their design, construction. The Group operates a full complement of hotel styles and locations across the UK. The hotel services ranger from full to limited, ranging from limited service to luxury. The Group is supported by major brands including Choice, IHG, and Hilton.

The Splendid Hospitality Groups portfolio contains the 5 Star Conrad London St James and the Yorkshire’s 5-star Grand Hotel, and Spa, in York.

New Hotel additions include The New Ellington in Leeds, Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel and the Ibis York Centre, and the 292 guest room Hilton and the London Bankside situated in the heart of London’s vibrant Bankside.

Boghani was born in Kenya and immigrated to the UK in 1969. In the UK Boghani received training as an accountant. He was hired by a firm of Chartered Accountants and then was retained by the firm of Thomson McLintock & Co ( known as KPMG). He is also a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accounts in England and Wale

He is an entrepreneur, who manages nineteen UK trading hotels t. In the 1990s, in London, he promoted the concept of limited service branded hotels.

Limit service hotels are budget-friendly and are limited to only the necessities and do not have any luxuries. They have a limited staff with no room service or free phone calls. But the hotels offer the regular services including toiletries and large rooms.

Boghani has launched and developed such flagship hotels as the £121m Hilton London Bankside, the Holiday Inn London – Wembley including the recent purchases of the New Ellington in Leeds and the Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel.

Shiraz Boghani supports charity foundations such as the UK registered Aga Khan Foundation and the Aga Khan Development Network globally. In 1985, Shiraz was a founding joint partner of Sussex Health Care, which includes 500 beds in 18 Care Homes.

5 Benefits of Car Refinancing

Refinancing your car means replacing your current car loan with a new loan based on different terms. Usually, the new loan is gotten from a new lender who offers better interest. A lot of people are not aware that they can refinance their car or do not understand the process to do it but car refinancing is quite easy to do. You can directly apply online to an auto refinancing company and get a response within a day.


Benefits of Car Refinancing


There are several benefits to refinancing your car, some of them are:


1.) To lower your interest rate: Refinancing your car is the best way to lower your interest rate. If you previously had no credit score, you can refinance your car after a few years for a lower interest rate. With reduced interest, you will be able to pay off your car loan in a shorter time.


2.) To get money: Sometimes people refinance their cars to get money for other projects. If you owe less than your vehicle is worth, you can refinance for some spare cash. Let’s assume you own a 4-year old car currently worth $10000, and you owe $6000. The best thing to do is to refinance the vehicle for an $8000 loan. This way you still owe less than your car’s’ worth and have $2000 to use for something else.


3.) To lower your payment: A common question people ask about car loan is “what are some ways I can slash my payments?”. While there are several options, refinancing is by far one of the easiest. When you refinance, you have the choice of extending your car loan. So if you have two years of payment left, you can stretch it out to four years and reduce your expenses. Extending your payment period may affect your interest rate, but it will reduce your financial strain especially in times of emergency like medical expenses


4.) To change lenders: If your current lender is hard to get in touch with or not making your payment information available, refinancing can help you get a better lender that will attend to your needs more carefully.


5.) To Change the co-signer on your loan: Refinancing is an easy way to remove or add someone as a co-signer to your loan because it comes with a new contract. Adding a co-signer can be very helpful if you need help paying off a large loan.


What to do Before Car Refinancing


1.) Get to know your payoff amount and APR (annual percentage rate of charge) from your current lender.


2.) Prepare your vehicle information


4.) Find out if the value of your car is still at the same level so that you don’t end up paying more on your refinance than the car value.


5.) Find out the next time you need to make payment. In some cases, you can skip a month payment if you refinance early.


To save money on car loans check out Ignition Financial, a great refinance loan provider with the best the best rates and flexible payment terms to fit right into your budget.