How to choose a wedding venue in New York

How to choose a wedding venue in New York

Planning a wedding is not an easy thing, it requires a lot of effort, concentration, and money. A wedding venue is one of the main things that define your big day. Unlike other aspects that can be substituted, a venue must be there.

In New York City, you have plenty of options to choose from. You can have an outdoor wedding at a park, private or public garden or you can choose to have it indoors. Depending on the number of guests you have invited, the size of the venue and the cost will vary. In New York area, some of the best sites include; the Central Park Boathouse, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Central Park Conservatory Garden, Wave Hill, and Prince George Ballroom among other venues.

One big challenge that you will face is the availability of venues. The beautiful places are almost always fully booked at all times. Patience is required. Some of the essential aspects to consider include;

The cost of the venue- no matter how much you want your wedding to be in that place you have always dreamt of, be true to yourself, and remain within your budget. Don’t overspend only to realize that there is no money for the caterer.

Consider your guests and your taste- a suitable venue should blend well with your theme and you should consider your guests’ comfortably as well.

The proximity of the venue to major highways- let your venue be conveniently located such that all your guest can easily access it without experiencing tons of problems.

Consider if the venue will accommodate all your guests- While still at this point, it is important to note that the capacity of the place is subject to your arrangement type. If you decide to have a cocktail reception, then the site can host more people as compared to choosing a seating arrangement kind of reception.

Find out what else is included as you get the venue- Will you get the chairs and tents or do you have to hire from another place. Find out about the involved restrictions if any. And do not forget to counter check if the venue will be available on the date and time you need it.