4 Reasons Doe Deere Is On Top Of The Makeup Industry

She Is Living Her Dream

When Doe Deere was a small girl, she had a fixation on bright colors and expressing herself. Now thanks to Lime Crime, her makeup line she launched in 2008, Deere has actually made a career out of creativity. Millions of fans across the world look to her for the latest makeup to complete their collections. These fans aren’t flocking to Deere because they want to belong to the latest fad. She’s had this fandom since her early days as a Youtube celebrity.



She Protects The Lives Of Animals

While she has amassed a fairly large fortune, this has not stopped Deere from making animal welfare an important cause for her to pursue. In order to take a stand against animal cruelty in the cosmetics industry, Deere has made a vow to avoid using any animal byproducts in her makeup. Just she herself is a vegan, everything produced by Lime Crime is vegan as well. Additionally, Doe Deere has made a habit of donating to charities devoted to helping shelter animals find homes and escape abusive pasts.



She Inspires Other Women In Business

The success of Doe Deere is incredible when viewed within context. During the mid 2000s, she emerged as one of the first web celebrities and established her own makeup line shortly after. In business, the majority of attempts simply are not successful and the few success stories are seldom experimental. Deere’s pioneering not only proves an exception to this rule, it provides proof that young women can succeed in business if they decide to commit themselves to it. To help other women start their own businesses, Deere regularly gives speeches at events encouraging and sponsoring young women in entrepreneurship.



She Continues To Find New Ideas

Currently, Deere is an incredibly successful entrepreneur who could easily retire with millions in her bank account, However, she refuses to give up and continues to find new ideas for product line. She routinely releases new lipsticks, mascaras, and blushes for her fans to enjoy and purchase. In an effort to expand her customer base Deere has made an effort to increase her social media presence and invites her fans to follow her various social media accounts. Although she was one of the first web celebrities to reach this far, she has not fooled herself into believing she does not need to continue her hard work.



Susan McGalla’s Steelers Shop Launches a New Fashion Line

The Pittsburgh-based Steelers Shop has launched a new fashion line, a redesigned website and a lot more fun for Pittsburgh Steelers Professional Club to connect with their fans. The new fashion line comprises jerseys, gold T-shirts, on field training caps, epic shorts and jewelry among other products.

The new director of Steelers Shop, Susan McGalla unveiled the new fashion lines saying that even though they didn’t know the number of points that Pittsburgh would score in their Sunday home game, the team had already scored points with fans who wanted their outfits to suit their own style.

The new fashion line has captured the whole aspect of sports that goes in the street. T-shirts have been designed with thumbholes which girls are ever looking for while Pandora Jewelries have Steelers color charms and bug labels such as Victoria Secrets, Tommy Bahama and Nike Golf.

Susan McGalla came up with this new design after obtaining hundreds of letters from fans telling her that they wanted to wear what Hoodie Ben had won during and after the game. Women, on the other hand, enquired for outfits that would fit their figures and look feminine while some men thought of something they could wear to work.

Therefore, Susan McGalla design innovative fashion products that revolved around their needs bringing them closer as part of the team in more lively ways.

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About Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is an America Businesswoman, the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth at Steelers Shop and the Executive Consultant from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is the former CEO of Wet Seal Inc., and the former President of American Eagles Outfitters Inc.

McGalla’s career began at Joseph Horne Company in 1986, where he held managerial and marketing positions. Susan McGalla was later employed at American Eagle Outfitters in the same year serving as the divisional merchandising buyer for women apparels. After working for a couple of years at the company, she was appointed the company’s Chief Merchandising Officer. He left American Eagle Inc. in 2009, choosing to be a consultant in finance and retail investment firms. Source: http://bitsylink.com/2015/09/25/susan-mcgalla-as-a-high-performing-business-woman-in-the-corporate-world/