Flavio Maluf: His Vision in Leadership

The professional trajectory of Flavio Maluf is brilliant. The Brazilian, Flavio Maluf, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Armando Penteado Foundation University. For more than a year, he lived abroad studying and working as a business administrator at the University of New York.

In 1986, he got married to Jacqueline Torres. Their relationship bore them three children. The 22-year-old daughter is his first born. She graduated from the University of London with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. Their 19-year-old daughter graduated from the University of Penteado Armando Foundation with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. The 15-year-old son is their last born child. He wants to follow the footsteps of his father. He is currently studying engineering at the University of London.

Flavio has worked in Eucatex Group of companies as from 1989. He started by working in the trade section of the company before trajecting to the top management seat. For many years, he worked at the manufacturing part. He made good use of his knowledge in engineering to provide solutions for the company in that section. Flavio was a talented individual in management. While he was working in the industry, his uncle extended an invitation to allow Flavio work under the administration of the company. In 1995, his uncle was the current president of the enterprise. After accruing a collaborative success, he was the only person in the company with a better vision to lead it to success. For this reason, the extended family running this business made a decision to make Flavio the next president of the company. He commenced his leadership by making innovative moves towards achieving new products.

When he assumed the presidential seat, he began modernization as a way to improve management. According to Flavio Maluf, he is an aggressive executive. However, he is not centralized in management. According to an interview carried out by embole.com.br, Flavio does not waste opportunities. For this reason, he is a professional planner who has dreams to achieve the best.

Eucatex Group History began in 1951. It was the first company to adopt environmental-friendly policies. The company uses eucalyptus trees to develop panels and plates.