FreedomPop Gains Ground as Solid Mobile Carrier

If seeing is believing than FreedomPop, the hot new freemium phone carrier, has just gotten a whole lot more popular. FreedomPop has been steadily rising in the ranks over the past couple of years as one of the top alternative mobile carriers around. What FreedomPop offers, and only they offer, is something that can’t be beaten: a completely free service. FreedomPop launched their ship and set their course by offering a core ‘freemium‘ service. The question that everyone is asking is this: Is FreedomPop worth it?


FreedomPop offers a completely free core service that provides 500 MB of mobile 4G data, unlimited texting, and up to 200 minutes of voice chat. If you are a minimalist phone user who just needs something to get by, well, this can’t really be beaten. CEO Stephen Stokols wanted to offer a mobile carrier to people that they could customize to their needs. People who choose to upgrade their service, while still staying on the affordable end of the spectrum, have found that FreedomPop is as competitive as anyone could be in the industry.


What is interesting about FreedomPop is that you can bring your own Sprint phone to the service and get your line going completely free. If you are satisfied with what FreedomPop offers in the core plan then you will never need to upgrade again. However, if you DO want more out of the program then there are a host of updates available to you. We’ll dig into our favorite service that FreedomPop offers: the unlimited $5 WiFi.


For the better part of the last year FreedomPop has been focusing on installing WiFi hotspots all over the country, hitting the major population centers the most. Through this effort there are now 10 million hot spots available for usage. For just $5 a month you can sign up for unlimited access to these spots in order to have protected, unlimited, WiFi at your fingertips. If you happen to live on one of these hot spots imagine the savings you’ll have instead of an internet bill!


FreedomPop’s main draw is that you can cater the service to your needs. To this end, what the company offers is an absolute slam dunk for people who are on a budget. Just about any FreedomPop review that you read will end up echoing these words; FreedomPop is whatever you make it out to be for your requirements.