Greg Aziz’s Journey Towards Corporate Success

He, Greg Aziz, is the CEO, president and chairman of the National Steel Car. The Ontario based company deals with the manufacture and engineering of railroad cargo cars. The company has been in this field for over 100 years, a thing that has seen it gain the trust of almost, if not all of North America.

Gregory James Aziz was born In Ontario on April 30, 1949. He schooled at Ridley College and later went on to receive, at the University of Western Ontario, a major in Economics.


He, Gregory J Aziz, later, after school joined in his family’s business, Affiliated Foods. This was in 1971, the company, 16 years later, grew to be the leading global fresh food importer from Europe and the central and the southern part of America. The company also dealt with the distribution of this food to the United States and all over Eastern Canada.


It was in the early 90’s that Greg Aziz got involved with matters dealing with investment banking. He was among those involved in the negotiation process that oversaw the sale of the National Steel Car by Dofasco. The company which was bought with the hope that one day they would transform it into the leading freight car manufacturer in North America. Massive capital and human resource investments were redirected into the company with the goal of achieving their goals. This dream came to life a few years later. Mr. Aziz cited team spirit, hard work, and dedication as few of the things that led to this success. He does not, however, forget the efforts of his colleagues and employees.


Greg also supports, through financial contributions, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair which is located in Canada.

James Aziz’s competence and excellent management skills have foreseen the National Steel Car receive accolades such as the TTX SECO.


In a message posted on the company’s homepage, Mr. Aziz thanks all those who have been part of the organization’s success for their diligence and dedication in their work. He goes on to say that though the company has through the years achieved immense success, the sky is still not the limit for them. He credits their dedication to quality work as one of the things that have seen them gain the loyalty of their customers.


Hard work, good customer relations, and zeal, according to Greg Aziz, are all one needs to create an empire. Click Here for Related Information.