Josh Smith: Reno, Nevada’s Most Productive Entrepreneur

Josh Smith, based out of Reno, Nevada, is a serial entrepreneur who’s launched multiple technology and health projects in the past eighteen years. Because he’s participated in a variety of projects, he’s gained experience in production, regulatory information, and international business among other things.

Josh Smith also comes up with project concepts by turning to his personal interests. For example, an avid gardener, he kept running into problems when it came to buying a miniature greenhouse for his yard. This inspired Smith to collaborate with different employees and another creator to design a one-of-a-kind modular greenhouse. This invention makes gardening at home easy, efficient, and more available.

Josh Smith turns to his experience as an artist in Reno, Nevada to come up with entrepreneurial ideas. Because of the time he spent as an artist, he’s able to come up with creative solutions for issues he sees people dealing with during their day-to-day routine. He also uses his artistic background to design diagrams to sketch out how the solutions would work. He then uses this sketch to work backwards and determine how the idea can become a business concept.

Josh Smith claims his high level of productivity is due to the fact that he always finds projects that demand creativity while providing inspiration. Because of this, he finds it easy to stay working on them for hours on end. Since he works on multiple tasks at the same time, he tries to complete tasks that contribute to multiple projects at once.

Smith also takes a strong stance that universities will eventually become obsolete. Josh Smith is a strong proponent of technology, and is certain that there are better ways to achieve an education by using technology.

When one thinks of entrepreneurs, they usually think of Silicon Valley or New York City – certainly not Reno, Nevada. But Josh Smith is proof that through creative ideas and a genuine passion, you can make it in the entrepreneurial arena no matter where you are.