Lessons Learnt From The Iconic Gregory Aziz Career

Gregory Aziz is an outstanding business visionary who has excelled in the different businesses. He is a business icon and leader that can be emulated by the young upcoming business entrepreneurs. His career path and success can be taken as an example of how ambition can diversify the nature of one’s academic qualification leading to excellence in the various fields that one aims to pursue.


Gregory J. Aziz is a business man who from the background of education graduated with a degree in the field of Economics from Western University before joining his first career. From an interview with the head of the National Steel Car, he notes that having a stern and firm business background can make one be open-minded when he or she lands the world of employment. He notes that the education should not only add value to your CV as a job seeker rather you should learn the part of the creative thinking that can make you an icon in the field that you land your first employment.


Gregory Aziz first employment was in their family business whose core operations entailed the importation of food products. According to him, as part of the directors of the business, he was able to expand the channels of distribution of the business products. Utilizing his economic skills to understand the market demand and supply forces, he was able to penetrate into new markets successfully without incurring losses on behalf of the business.


Gregory J. states that as a director of a family business that thrived well in the market, he landed himself into greater opportunities that entailed the banking sector in the New York City. He worked in different positions in the investment banking. As he interacted with investors in his career, he developed his entrepreneurial ambitions that later saw him purchase the National Steel Car Company. Check Out This Article.


The company at the time was not performing well, and he thus saw the opportunity of rejuvenating the company and making it a globally competitive organization that produced freight cars that were used in railroads. On this note, it can be learned that the ambitions of Greg Aziz as an entrepreneur were very vibrant as he was able to locate an opportunity in the field of manufacturing and the engineering industries while still working in the banking sector. He later managed the company in such a manner that it increased its production by almost 5 times by the year 1999. With an ISO 9001:2008 certification, this company is above the competition.


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