National Steel Car Under CEO Greg Aziz

National Steel Car is among the oldest corporations in the engineering and manufacturing industry in Canada. National Steel Car was established in 1912 in Hamilton, Canada. Over the years, the company has been through various hands as various investors bought it in a bid to transform it. The original creators of National Steel Car were Sir John Morison Gibson. And Basil Magor. National Steel Car was first carried out as a project under the National Industries Inc. Basil Magor was the first general manager of the firm. After establishing it, the first years of its operations were booming with business. The railway’s industry in the region was taking shape, and therefore orders were flowing from all over. One of the first clients of National Steel Car was Canadian Pacific Railway. This corporation wanted National Steel Car to supply them with car boxes. The company also received orders from Canadian Northern Railway


Later in 1919, Robert Magor and Donald Symington bought the company from the National Industries Inc. and made it privately owned company under the new name of National Steel Car Corporation Limited. Business was good for the corporation for the first two decades. However, in the 1930s, the company experienced challenges that resulted from the economic depression that was witnessed at the time. There was a shortage of orders, and the company could barely find clients to supply with railroad freight cars. It had to take other measures that included reverting to making bus bodies and motor trucks which had demand at the time. The situation could later become better in the 1940s when the Second World War kicked in. Railway transport was in high demand, and the company once again got back to business. National Steel Car was the supplier for Canada and the United States for all rolling stock orders. In 1962, the corporation was bought by Dofasco. Go Here To Learn More.


Gregory Aziz


Gregory James Aziz is the chief executive officer of National Steel Car. He bought the corporation from Dofasco in 1994, when they failed to manage its operation leading to the collapse of the business. Greg Aziz joined the corporation with one ideas only; transforming the corporation so that it could be the best there is in the country. And the entire North America in general.


Gregory J Aziz managed to accomplish his dream very first, and in a short time, the company’s production capacity had been restored. The company was producing over 12000 cars every year by 1999.