FreedomPop Gains Ground as Solid Mobile Carrier

If seeing is believing than FreedomPop, the hot new freemium phone carrier, has just gotten a whole lot more popular. FreedomPop has been steadily rising in the ranks over the past couple of years as one of the top alternative mobile carriers around. What FreedomPop offers, and only they offer, is something that can’t be beaten: a completely free service. FreedomPop launched their ship and set their course by offering a core ‘freemium‘ service. The question that everyone is asking is this: Is FreedomPop worth it?


FreedomPop offers a completely free core service that provides 500 MB of mobile 4G data, unlimited texting, and up to 200 minutes of voice chat. If you are a minimalist phone user who just needs something to get by, well, this can’t really be beaten. CEO Stephen Stokols wanted to offer a mobile carrier to people that they could customize to their needs. People who choose to upgrade their service, while still staying on the affordable end of the spectrum, have found that FreedomPop is as competitive as anyone could be in the industry.


What is interesting about FreedomPop is that you can bring your own Sprint phone to the service and get your line going completely free. If you are satisfied with what FreedomPop offers in the core plan then you will never need to upgrade again. However, if you DO want more out of the program then there are a host of updates available to you. We’ll dig into our favorite service that FreedomPop offers: the unlimited $5 WiFi.


For the better part of the last year FreedomPop has been focusing on installing WiFi hotspots all over the country, hitting the major population centers the most. Through this effort there are now 10 million hot spots available for usage. For just $5 a month you can sign up for unlimited access to these spots in order to have protected, unlimited, WiFi at your fingertips. If you happen to live on one of these hot spots imagine the savings you’ll have instead of an internet bill!


FreedomPop’s main draw is that you can cater the service to your needs. To this end, what the company offers is an absolute slam dunk for people who are on a budget. Just about any FreedomPop review that you read will end up echoing these words; FreedomPop is whatever you make it out to be for your requirements.


Better Sales Marketing Skills Can Make All The Difference

One can make his or her business grow through applying many different strategies in order to develop one of the greatest methods is direct sales. Bernardo Chua is a successful direct sales businessman therefore a better entrepreneur, he is also the CEO of Organo Gold it’s a direct sales coffee corporate and products that provide to people who consume them, mostly the active business clients.

The expertise which he had in network marketing improved the development of the company, as the beneficiary of Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal therefore contributing to the achievement of marketing industries.

Bernardo Chua as a well-known businessman has made him attain many awards including Dangal ng Bayar Award for business from People’s Choice and in the year 2014 he got National Consumers Quality Awards.

Many times his company was recognized as a direct selling food supply organization, he also partners with top people in Ganoderma producers in the world, thus increasing the features of the company’s produces.

Through his entire early growth in business, he was familiar with the significance of having a direct sales business, he decided to stretch his business to the Philippines and many other countries. According to The Street, Bernardo Chua knew about the well-known Ganoderma in which products of mushrooms that have developed to be the main produce in Organo Gold.

In the year 2006 Organo Gold was well recognized since being in the market for more than five years, it was declared to be the 55th biggest direct sales company worldwide. It has many suppliers who are more than one million in the world.

Each day the coffee manufacturing makes a struggle to stay on top of the charts, henceforth retaining its legacy. Organo Gold is situated in Canada in which it’s well-known to have tough rules in producers and enterprises, therefore adding the growth of the company since the quality of products they produce are good and certified also the company has made a healthy substitute to many others coffee which has better taste that improves the live hood of the society.

5 Benefits of Car Refinancing

Refinancing your car means replacing your current car loan with a new loan based on different terms. Usually, the new loan is gotten from a new lender who offers better interest. A lot of people are not aware that they can refinance their car or do not understand the process to do it but car refinancing is quite easy to do. You can directly apply online to an auto refinancing company and get a response within a day.


Benefits of Car Refinancing


There are several benefits to refinancing your car, some of them are:


1.) To lower your interest rate: Refinancing your car is the best way to lower your interest rate. If you previously had no credit score, you can refinance your car after a few years for a lower interest rate. With reduced interest, you will be able to pay off your car loan in a shorter time.


2.) To get money: Sometimes people refinance their cars to get money for other projects. If you owe less than your vehicle is worth, you can refinance for some spare cash. Let’s assume you own a 4-year old car currently worth $10000, and you owe $6000. The best thing to do is to refinance the vehicle for an $8000 loan. This way you still owe less than your car’s’ worth and have $2000 to use for something else.


3.) To lower your payment: A common question people ask about car loan is “what are some ways I can slash my payments?”. While there are several options, refinancing is by far one of the easiest. When you refinance, you have the choice of extending your car loan. So if you have two years of payment left, you can stretch it out to four years and reduce your expenses. Extending your payment period may affect your interest rate, but it will reduce your financial strain especially in times of emergency like medical expenses


4.) To change lenders: If your current lender is hard to get in touch with or not making your payment information available, refinancing can help you get a better lender that will attend to your needs more carefully.


5.) To Change the co-signer on your loan: Refinancing is an easy way to remove or add someone as a co-signer to your loan because it comes with a new contract. Adding a co-signer can be very helpful if you need help paying off a large loan.


What to do Before Car Refinancing


1.) Get to know your payoff amount and APR (annual percentage rate of charge) from your current lender.


2.) Prepare your vehicle information


4.) Find out if the value of your car is still at the same level so that you don’t end up paying more on your refinance than the car value.


5.) Find out the next time you need to make payment. In some cases, you can skip a month payment if you refinance early.


To save money on car loans check out Ignition Financial, a great refinance loan provider with the best the best rates and flexible payment terms to fit right into your budget.


4 Reasons Doe Deere Is On Top Of The Makeup Industry

She Is Living Her Dream

When Doe Deere was a small girl, she had a fixation on bright colors and expressing herself. Now thanks to Lime Crime, her makeup line she launched in 2008, Deere has actually made a career out of creativity. Millions of fans across the world look to her for the latest makeup to complete their collections. These fans aren’t flocking to Deere because they want to belong to the latest fad. She’s had this fandom since her early days as a Youtube celebrity.



She Protects The Lives Of Animals

While she has amassed a fairly large fortune, this has not stopped Deere from making animal welfare an important cause for her to pursue. In order to take a stand against animal cruelty in the cosmetics industry, Deere has made a vow to avoid using any animal byproducts in her makeup. Just she herself is a vegan, everything produced by Lime Crime is vegan as well. Additionally, Doe Deere has made a habit of donating to charities devoted to helping shelter animals find homes and escape abusive pasts.



She Inspires Other Women In Business

The success of Doe Deere is incredible when viewed within context. During the mid 2000s, she emerged as one of the first web celebrities and established her own makeup line shortly after. In business, the majority of attempts simply are not successful and the few success stories are seldom experimental. Deere’s pioneering not only proves an exception to this rule, it provides proof that young women can succeed in business if they decide to commit themselves to it. To help other women start their own businesses, Deere regularly gives speeches at events encouraging and sponsoring young women in entrepreneurship.



She Continues To Find New Ideas

Currently, Deere is an incredibly successful entrepreneur who could easily retire with millions in her bank account, However, she refuses to give up and continues to find new ideas for product line. She routinely releases new lipsticks, mascaras, and blushes for her fans to enjoy and purchase. In an effort to expand her customer base Deere has made an effort to increase her social media presence and invites her fans to follow her various social media accounts. Although she was one of the first web celebrities to reach this far, she has not fooled herself into believing she does not need to continue her hard work.


Sam Tabar’s Advice To Parents

Sam Tabar is a graduate of Oxford University. He pursued a Master’s degree in Law at Columbia University and graduated in the year 2001. He then went to the New York Bar Association.

He began his career in 2001 as a Managing Director at the Sparx Group, handling Business plans, capital management, and legal affairs for ten years. He was also an attorney at Skadden Arps Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP & Affiliates between 2001 and 2007.

In 2011,Sam Tabar worked for Head of Capital Strategy as the Director. He restarted his legal career as a Senior Associate at Schukte Roth & Zabel LLP until 2014.

Sam is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Full Cycle Fund in 2015 and the Chief Financial Officer at Awearable Apparel.

Sam Tabar has recently written an article expressing his views on when a parent should cease supporting their child’s livelihood.

He revealed that survey by Fidelity states that 47% of millennial youth aged 25 to 35 managed their new livelihood with support from their parents. Their parents mainly catered for their telephone bills with 21% contribution. Groceries had a 20% help, clothing had a 16% aid, entertained had a 14% help while rent and mortgage had a 12% support.

He explained that the statistics are a thoughtful reflection of a parent’s concern for their child’s comfort, hence ensuring that the child lives in a secure location.

However, with time, the parent may begin to wonder when they should stop chipping in.

He continued to add that Federal Reserve researched that millennials are a step further in future planning than the previous generations. Statistics recorded show that an average American has a saving of $400 while a millennial has a saving of $2100.He complimented the vision of the millennials, but questioned the condition of the parents who are enabling them to achieve such high savings.

He concluded that since most adults have less than $400 in savings, an excessively supporting parent will create a dent in their retirement funds. He also noted that a small percentage of parents have taken into account their retirement plan, hence only support their children as much as necessary.

Sam continued to write that parents should strive to be open enough to their children about the need for selective spending. He advised parents to consider their retirement as well as the financial ability of the child. According to Sam, if a child is financially able to pay their bills, they should minimize the total amount spent by cutting down on unnecessary costs.

Tabar is noted that taking parental support may financially destabilize the child for a while. However, if the child has enough savings, they will recover in time.

Don’t Be Fooled By Other Companies, FreedomPop Has The Best Services And Prices

It’s no wonder why so many people have tired of the same phone companies, it’s because of the fact that many of them are only making changes for the worse and not for better. How does it pay off to higher the prices of cell phone services that haven’t gotten any better? FreedomPop is going the opposite way by lowering the prices for cell phone services, especially the unlimited everything plan that has been around for a while and has only become more popular. Almost every cell phone company out there has some type of unlimited phone plan, even if it includes unlimited data or not.


Most people prefer to have unlimited plans because gives them all the data that they want and need, but some phone companies charge a hefty price for it. Examine a FreedomPop review that includes info about unlimited data in their unlimited everything plan for only $19.99, and the plan even comes with 1 GB of the 4G LTE data as well. With unlimited talk and text also been included in the plan, what’s not to love about it? There is even a plan that costs even less and still has unlimited services, which is the $10.99 plan with unlimited talk and text and 500 MB of data.


One can save more by going on the free plan that has unlimited text messages, 200 minutes of talk time, and 500 MB of data. With different ways to get extra data, there’s never any to worry because it can be bought or earned. FreedomPop has made available to the public different surveys and offers that can be completed to gain extra data. It’s typical for 10 MB of data to be given for every offer that’s completed, and anyone who wants to add a friend or family member as a FreedomPop customer will gain data as well.


There is also the option of simply paying for data at only two cents per megabyte, but this option may not be good for someone who knows they’ll be using a lot of data. Choose to get the Wi-Fi service from FreedomPop for five dollars per month, which is available in millions of hotspots and gives unlimited 3G and 4G Internet services. Those with the capability of using Wi-Fi services to make calls and more their cell phone can use the Wi-Fi services, which means they’ll have a complete phone service through Wi-Fi.

David Osio Steers Davos Financial Group to Greater Heights of Corporate and Social Responsibility

About David Osio


David Osio is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Venezuelan-based Davos Financial Group. Since its inception in 1993, Davos committed to providing exceptional and excellence financial advice to its clients. Over the years, Osio has propelled Davos’ profitability; thus he has been able to position several sovereign and licensed companies in cities such as Panama, Geneva, and New York.


David Osio started his career journey in 1981 as the Chief Executive of OPED Enterprise, a coffee export program in Venezuela. Later on, Osio left for Letco Commercial Companies in an executive position. Here, he initiated the structuring of the company’s marketing programs. In 1984, Osio joined Caracas law firm MGO as the officer in charge of corporate clients such as Consolidated Bank and Ferro Corporation.




David Osio graduated from the Catholic University Andre Bello, one of the leading universities in Venezuela with honors in Law in 1988. As the leader of Davos Financial Group, Osio continues to steer the company to great heights of social and corporate responsibility.


David Osio’s Davos Real Estate Group launches a new mobile app


As the real estate industry takes a new shape, Davos Real Estate Group has launched a new mobile app to stand out the pact amid increased competition in the industry. The new mobile app, Davos Cap Calculator, will be used in estimating gains on real estate investment. For the past six months, Davos Real Estate Group has been working on the design and development of a mobile application, which will allow clients to estimate the return on investment property using their mobile devices. According to Gerard Gonzalez, the new application has been designed on the latest technology platforms. It is currently available for Android and iPhone devices. Davos Cap Calculator marks the beginning of a series of complementary applications that will be used for evaluating properties gain through mobile devices.

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With the new app, clients will be able to forward real estate reports to Davos’ agents through an interactive chat. The use of Davos Cap Calculator is in line with Davos’ business objectives of guiding clients when investing in real estate industry. As such, the new app enlightens investors when venturing into the real estate sector. Interestingly, through Davos Cap Calculator, investors can estimate the price of rent on a property to determine the property that best suits their projected income. Moreover, the new app comes with a mortgage calculator used in estimating mortgage value based on interest rates and the funding period.

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Dr. Rick Shinto & His Success with InnovaCare

Dr. Rick Shinto is currently the leader of InnovaCare. Dr. Rick Shinto has many years of experience under his belt in various companies where he gained knowledge and continued to learn. Dr. Rick Shinto has been a successful leader for all of the companies that he has worked for.

Dr. Rick Shinto attended the University of California at Irvine, where he received his Bachelor of Science degree. He then went on to the State University of New York at Stony Brook to attain his medical degree on Afterwards, he went to the University of Redlands where he successfully earned his Master of Business Administration degree.

Dr. Rick Shinto has made it InnovaCare’s mission to help people who need experienced medical care from top professionals. The company offers various options to their clients and they particularly deal with individuals who need help with Medicare Advantage plans and Medicaid. InnovaCare is currently one of the most successful managed healthcare service provider in Puerto Rico.

Just a few months ago, Dr. Rick Shinto added three employees to their leadership team at InnovaCare. The three individuals that were added include Jonathan Meyers, Penelope Kokkinides, and Mike Sortino. Jonathan Meyers has been added to the leadership team as the Chief Actuary Officer of InnovaCare. Prior to joining InnovaCare, Jonathan Meyers had served in executive positions before at various organizations. Penelope Kokkinides is now serving as the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare while she also has years of experience in the health care industry and experience in leadership as well. Mike Sortino is serving as the Chief Accounting Officer of InnovaCare with many years of experience in leadership as well. Dr. Rick Shinto has previously said that these new executives on have much experience in the fields that they are assigned to and that they each will bring a lot to the table to continue InnovaCare’s success. He’s very proud to have them join the leadership team at InnovaCare.

Dr. Rick Shinto himself has brought a lot to the table at InnovaCare. Dr. Rick Shinto has won many awards with the various companies that he has worked with throughout his historic career. Just recently, Dr. Rick Shinto has helped InnovaCare join the HHS to reform Medicare payment models. By Dr. Rick Shinto’s actions, InnovaCare can continue to bring affordable and experienced health care to Medicare patients. These patients will have access to affordable health care that ensures they get the quality of health care that they need.

InnovaCare has been very successful under Dr. Rick Shinto’s experience. Since he joined the company, the company is the leading provider of health plan options for individuals in Puerto Rico. InnovaCare has over 200,000 members while they have a network of over 5,000 providers to choose from. InnovaCare has two Medicaid plans in Puerto Rico and they’re the only managed healthcare service provider that has been certified by the government. Source:

The Quincy In New Brunswick, New Jersey Is A Safe Community

New Brunswick’s Latest Luxury Apartment Development


The Quincy is the latest addition to New Brunswick’s luxury rental apartment complex. While considered luxury and upscale, the Quincy is still in the budget and range of most middle income professionals and young couples. You will find studio apartments as well as standard 1 and 2 bedroom apartments to rent from at the Quincy.


The property is professionally managed by the Alliance Residential Company. Questions about the Quincy and their leasing terms can be directed to the leasing center which is located at 303 George St., Suite 102 New Brunswick NJ 08901. Contact them by calling 732.284.4040 or on the web at [email protected] It is important to note that the actual apartment building is located at 120 Nielson Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901 which is right near the leasing center but not in the same building.


Luxury amenities include a rooftop pool with views, state of the art fitness center, community room and indoor garage resident parking for vehicles. Restaurants, parks entertainment, and shopping is within walking distance or a few minutes drive by car. Public transit is also easily accessible. This includes both NJ Transit Rail and bus service for both commuters and local use.


Clearing Up The Pizza Robbery Incident On Quincy Circle And Shooting At New Brunswick Apartments


It is easy to believe that the Pizza Robbery incident on Quincy Circle on November 30, 2012 took place at the address of the Quincy. The fact is that the Quincy was still under construction during this incident. Furthermore, Quincy Circle is an address in another town and not in New Brunswick, where the Quincy is located. The pizza delivery robbery on Quincy Circle thus has no relation to the Quincy apartments.


The shooting at the New Brunswick apartments did take place in the city of New Brunswick. It is several blocks away however and is not to be confused with the newly built and secure building of the Quincy. The area where the New Brunswick apartments is in has seen an increase in crime lately, but this has nothing to do with the Quincy luxury rental development.

PodcastOne’s Norman Pattiz Announces The Start Of Beyond The Darkness, A New Show

Recently, PodcastOne’s founder and executive chairman, Norman Pattiz launched Beyond the Darkness. The new program explores the paranormal on the podcast network of Chris Jericho. The WWE star’s network is part of PodcastOne umbrella. It will feature enlightening as well as entertaining conversations with revered researchers. The show will challenges everything that people think they know about demons, angels, ghosts, aliens, ghouls, miracles, mysteries, and monster encounters. Radio host and author, Dave Schrader, and Tim Dennis, a radio producer, will host the show. New episodes will be released on every Monday through the PodcastOne app and iTunes.

Norman Pattiz noted that Chris has made a name for himself as one of the respected people on the PodcastOne network. When he launched The Jericho Network collection, they knew it would grow beyond wrestling. In the past, Chris has brought forth comedians. With Beyond the Darkness, he now takes people into the paranormal. This new experience is expected to attract a huge audience.

Chris asserted that he was happy to announce the introduction of Beyond the Darkness podcast to the Jericho Network. He also noted that Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader are at the peak of the paranormal broadcasting. They have a huge fan base that trust and believe in their work. Chris pointed out that he expects Beyond the Darkness to expand its already huge following on the network and provide them with insights on different topics.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is Westwood One’s founder. He is known to be a transformative leader. Under his leadership, Westwood One became the largest radio network in America. It also became the leading provider of sports, news, talk of traffic and entertainment programming for the broadcast Industry. Westwood One managed, distributed, and owned NBC radio networks, the Mutual Broadcasting System, CNN radio, NCAA Basketball, NFL Football, and plus March Madness. It also administered the winter as well as summer Olympics and the Super Bowl.

In 2010, he established Courtside Entertainment Group. PodcastOne and PodcastOne Sales are his latest ventures. They are the leading corporations in national podcast marketing and sales. In 2000, Pattiz was appointed to serve on the United States of America’s Broadcasting Board of Governors by President Clinton. President Bush reappointed him to the position in 2002. He is responsible for inaugurating Americas Arabic Language radio and television services. He serves as the chairman of Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratories.

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