Paul Mampilly is a Trustworthy Publisher and Financial Guru

Paul Mampilly is recognized as an investor and financial guru. Currently, he is the editor, founder, and contributor of the ‘Profits Unlimited’ newsletter which has over 90,000 subscribers. Profits Unlimited is one of the fastest growing financial publications. Paul Mampilly gives his readers what they want which is financial advice on key and up-to-the-minute investing information that investors can act on immediately.

Paul Mampilly was born in southern India and at age 18 moved to the United States. He graduated from Montclair State University in New Jersey with a Bachelor of Arts degree in finance and accounting. Later on, he acquired an MBA from Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business. He continued his studies by attending other New York colleges studying financial engineering advanced economics.

In 1991 Paul began his Wall Street career with Bankers Trust, followed by a key position with Deutsche Bank, ING, and the Royal Bank of Scotland. His billion-dollar portfolio got the attention of Kinetics Asset Management who hired him to handle their billion-dollar hedge fund accounts which under his leadership earned a World’s Best aware from Barron.

Mr. Mampilly entered an investment competition on behalf of his firm which was sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation. The contest involved growing an investment account. Mampilly accepted the challenge and grew the account to an enduring monetary high. This did not surprise the financial sector that was familiar with Mampilly. He has a reputation of achieving pre-eminent financial transactions and years of successful investment experiences.

Like his mentor John Templeton, Mampilly identifies pressing investment opportunities that require buyers to move immediately. His publication blogs have focused on the Bitcoin industry, the Internet of Things, DNA-based medicine technology, electric cars, and premiere food delivery services but he does not like the industry of mass-market competitors.

Additional strategies that Mampilly uses like Templeton involves purchasing stocks while they are low which is a move that other investors will not touch. But, this financial movement made Templeton a momentous success even during WWII and the stock market crash. For more info about us: click here.

Paul Mampilly became a renowned Wall Street veteran and high-ranking corporate portfolio manager who retired and moved into creating his publication Profits Unlimited. He currently lives in Durham, North Carolina, remaining busy with writing about researching investment opportunities and in addition to his own publication, he writes for other financial publications like Extreme Fortunes.