Securus Technologies Leads in Crime Prevention in Correctional Facilities

Based in Dallas, Securus Technologies is leading in criminal justice and monitoring of inmate-on-inmate related crimes. It has positively impacted the prevention and solving of these kind of crimes inside correctional facilities, hence making the penitentiary a safer place. Nearly all correctional facilities have phones that enable inmates to contact or keep in touch with friends and family members. This is however expensive since recorded calls occupy large disk spaces and have to be stored on private servers which in turn require top notch storage and security to prevent hackers from leaking conversations online thus causing public unrest.


Recording personal calls is an infringement on one’s privacy, but this has been the only way to detect and stop more crimes in and out of the facilities. These calls are also monitored regarding illegal abuse of alcohol by inmates, blackmail, threats, drug trafficking and all kinds of suspicious conversations. Correctional facilities greatly rely on Securus Technology solutions which has enabled their staff to conduct searches regarding the monitored conversations. This has helped these facilities to keep the families, friends and parole officers safe from harm’s way from monitored calls.


Though inmates may be believed to be safe from the outside world inside the penitentiary and have no ties to the outside world, Securus Technologies has also aided the arrest of civilians who may help the inmates in bringing in contraband and weapons inside the penitentiary walls. Securus is in business with county and local governments because they run the jails and prison systems. These recordings are only available to authorized personnel such as prosecutors, lawyers, correction workers, police investigators and law enforcements agencies on demand. Securus Technologies has proved a powerful crime solving and prevention tool in and out of these correctional facilities. Correctional facilities can now be safe to visitors, correctional workers and fellow inmates.