Shea Butter, for Your Skin’s Sake

Shea butter has quietly revolutionized the skin-care industry with its emphasis on skin rejuvenation, natural healing properties, and look of a product that can help with what your skin needs most: collagen production, smoothness, antioxidants (in this case, vitamins A and E).

You’re sure to love that shea butter is a skin superfood, and it can be used on ALL parts of your body, from lips to hips. You’ll greatly appreciate the healing properties of vitamins A, E, and even F, and you can make your own appointments with the right shea butter by ordering a subscription of EuGenia Shea.

EuGenia Shea is made by a company out of Africa, Ghana in particular. Eugenia Akuete, who’s served as president of the Global Shea Alliance, and her daughter, Naa-Sakle, started the company to provide sustainable work for Ghanian women, and also to bring this excellent product to the United States, and beyond.

Their shea butter is produced in all-female cooperatives in Ghana that provide above-average wages and living conditions to the women, empowering them to take on the world. And the butter is some of the best around, having fragrances and being made of the perfect healing qualities to make your face and body smile.

You’ll appreciate EuGenia Shea’s use on all parts of your body. And you can rely on their subscriptions to get you through tough skin times, when you may be drier or more allergic than usual. So, be sure to try it, and think of the women whose empowerment you’re contributing to.