Successful Journey of Dick DeVos Philanthropist Work

Many people have been recognized and respected in transforming the world through their good deeds that they do to community hence they give people better lives. Dick DeVos is one of the individuals is one of the influential philanthropists. He is engaged to also one of the beautiful philanthropist named Betsy DeVos. Thr both have a lot in common and one of the matters that they deal with is reform in the education system. Michigan State in the United State is where the couple has done a great job in the education sector. Furthermore due to Betsy DeVos attaining the opportunity to serve in the United States government as a cabinet secretary a lot of people in the community are certain that she will be able to bring transformation in policy to make sure that the American education system is enhanced.


Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is one of the organization that Dick DeVos together with his wife was able to start, the main aim of the organization is to bring reforms so that students in the United States can get an education. Mostly the organizations offer fund that can offer educational chances to deprived students. There are various extraordinary projects that Dick and Besty DeVos Foundation have been able to carry out such as helping more than 4,000 students to access scholarship and freedom to choose the requirement of their education as part of the Education Freedom Fund. Northwood University and the Thunderbird School of Global Management are some of the University which the program has assisted.


Another accomplishment is the assistance of starting the West Michigan Aviation Academy. Also, Dick DeVos has been able to create ideas of offering chances to students who need to venture into aviation sector through using his aviation enthusiast. Through his commitment to bringing reforms to American School, he holds top position in different management board firms.


There are other projects that he has been part of and he has made them be successful such as Great Lakes Education Project which is driving the main issues of charter schools in Michigan. Another one is DeVos Institute of Arts Management which the main objective is to nurture talent in different fields of art.Also through offering the people of Michigan cheap housing units, they are able to help people live more peaceful. Dick and Betsy DeVos are also funded research programs on Lake Macatawa in Holland which help in creating awareness to people on climate change.


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