Sujit Choudhry the Global Consultant in Constitution Building Process

Sujit Choudhry, Center for Constitutional Transactions director and constitutional experts, merged on 10th July to discuss semi-presidential systems. The Ukraine government is facing systems and legal challenges. As mentioned by Mr. Choudhry, Ukraine democratization instability needed transformation.

The contributors of the democratic systems vitality are feeble political parties, presidency authority concentration, and government voting system. Sujit Choudhry together with high-up experts input on the subject matter was remarkably required. Besides being a lecturer, Choudhry has worked as a consultant in the constitutional development around the world. He has also published a collection of editorials on legal regulation and case studies.

The lecturer commented on the transitional democracies participation in constitutional making verdict. His opinion was essential for the present leaders to deliberate on strategic options that focus on constitutional reforms. Constitutional making is a subject that draws the attention and interest of many researchers in gathering evident information.   More of his shared views in this article on

The Center of Constitutional Transition is accountable for constitutional development. It pulls together and leads global experts mandated to issue confirmed policy options. They achieved their mission through global network collaborations. The associates contribute in every phase of the center work.

Specialists of The Center of Constitutional Transition, support in the training, meetings, the hiring of experts, project development, publication, and dissemination of study outputs. The center comprises of vastly experienced policy experts and prominent academics from over 25 countries. These specialists converge to share concepts and resolve many security, democratic and constitutional difficulties experience in different countries.

About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry holds a degree in law from the University of Oxford and masters from Harvard School of Law. Besides excellent rapport with his associates, he has an extensive understanding of the law. The internationally recognized lawyer has a vast knowledge of the constitutional building procedure. Choudhry as a law professor at the University of California also served Berkeley school of law as dean. The Cecelia Goetz law professor at New York University was the chair at the university of Toronto.   Check for a related article.

Mr. Choudhry served as the advisor in the constitutional building in several countries. The current director of the Centre for Constitutional Transitions works with other professionals in tackling legal and political matters. He also manages other international corporative research projects dealing with reforms of the security sector, territorial cleavages, and constitutional changes.  Related article to read here.  Sujit served as a clerk to the former Canada Supreme Court Chief Justice, Antonio. He is a globally known expert in politics and constitutional law.

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