The Success of National Steel Car in the Canadian Market

National Steel Car is Canada’s leading engineering firm that specializes in the manufacturing of railcars. Its headquarters is located in Hamilton, Ontario. Since its formation in 1912, National Steel Car has grown to become the third largest manufacturer of railcars in Canada. The firm is currently operetes under the leadership of James Aziz, who holds the position of the company’s CEO. The National Steel Car commenced operations in 1912 as a joint venture led by investor John Morison Gibson. After the completion of its first facility in Hamilton, Ontario, National Steel Car appointed Basi Magor as its General Manager.


National Steel Car exceeded its investors’ expectations in its first few years. It began by manufacturing railcars in Canada before reaching its highest point in 1913. Its impeccable timing helped it to secure orders for numerous box cars from Canadian Pacific Railway. It was also contracted to manufacture various railcars by Canadian Northern Railway. Over time, the firm changed its name to National Steel Car Corporation after Magor Car Corporation, and Donald Symington of Baltimore made an offer on National Steel Car. It began with a boom until just before the 1930 economic depression. During the recession, the firm’s diversity started falling behind, resulting in a decline in orders.


At one-point National Steel Car resorted to manufacturing bus bodies, motorboats, and motor trucks only to remain relevant in the industry. Nonetheless, its business was renewed during the World War II. Over time, it began to experience a relatively healthy state. It would share its railcar orders with other manufacturers of railcars such as Eastern Car Company. Lately, National Steel Car has started exporting its railcars to the United States. In 1962, Dofasco acquired National Steel Car and operated it until 1990 when it began declining. In 1994, Dofasco decided to dispose of National Steel Car to Hamilton-based National Industries. By the year 2000, Greg Aziz had helped National Steel Car to increase its workforce from 500 to 3,000 workers. Its production also increased significantly from 3,500 to 12,500 railcars per year. Today, the Canadian company has grown to become the leading supplier of rolling stock to the US and Canadian market. It specializes in commercial rail and railway operators. National Steel Car began as Imperial Steel Car before changing its name at the end of 1912. Today, it is among the few rail car manufacturers left in Canada. Since the 1960s, National Steel Car has maintained its dominance in the freight car manufacturing industry.

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